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RelaxaTilt X Foot Massager

RelaxaTilt X Foot Massager

Whether you need to recover from foot pain, arthritis, or just want a relaxing foot massage, the RelaxaTilt X has you... more

VibraCare Foot Massager

VibraCare Foot Massager

The VibraCare Foot Massager is one of Lifepro’s latest products. This incredible foot massager comes with 30 possible... more

Man sitting and reading

Benefits Of Using a Foot Massager

We may not give it much thought, but our feet do a LOT of work. They bear the weight of our whole body and help us g... more

Man using Lifepro’s AcuCare Foot Massager

Best Foot Massager for Neuropathy Foot Pain

When you use a foot massager such as Lifepro’s AcuCare Foot Massager, you get the neuropathy-relieving benefits of a ... more

woman using RelaxaTilt X Foot Massager and Man using Vitalize Foot Massager Machine

How To Use Different Types of Foot Massagers

According to the Mayo Clinic, the average American walks between three to four thousand steps per day. This includ... more