VibraCare Foot Massager

VibraCare Foot Massager


Foot pain is one of the most common, yet frustrating types of pain we all endure, especially marathon runners and other athletes. They are many ways to ease this pain, but few are as effective and provide as much relief as a foot massage.

There are two ways to get a great foot massage: by having someone do it for you, or doing it yourself. The latter is hard to do and the former can be quite expensive. Using a foot massager, however, is the best of both worlds – especially the VibraCare Foot Massager.

The VibraCare Foot Massager is one of Lifepro’s latest products. This incredible foot massager comes with 30 possible speed settings and 9 preset massage modes, allowing the user to get a great foot massage at just about any speed necessary.

For pain relief, the VibraCare footpads target those pain points throughout the feet. Simply place your feet on the pads, choose your settings with the included remote control, and you’re off!

It’s also very small and lightweight (11 pounds). As such, this foot massager is easy to store and take with you wherever you want to take advantage of a soothing foot massage. For a calf and leg massage, simply tilt the massager!

As with all Lifepro products, the VibraCare comes with a complete lifetime warranty, including live support from the team.

At just $179.99, the VibraCare is truly one of the most affordable and effective foot massagers on the market. Try it today!


Joel Gottehrer

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