Balance to Help You Train

Everything in our lives requires balance - work/life, what we eat, what we drink... Physical training is no exception. Now you can harness the power of balance to help you train better and see results faster. Balance training is not something everyone has in their arsenal - but they should.

Train your balance

Harness and use the natural strength of your body with balance training, and see incredible results.


Balance training allows you to not only improve coordination and overall strength, but gives you a totally new way to do resistance training with your own body weight.


Our Balance Training tools are built to help you own your balance once and for all.


Improve Coordination

Increase Strength

Strengthen Core

Get Complete Control

balance training

Your Reviews Say It All

"I really enjoy this product, I didn’t know I had stomach muscles until I started using it." Connie V. Horizon Training Ball

"I love my balance ball. I have been using it a few times a week. It helps strengthens my core muscles. Will definitely recommend to friends." Daphney P. Horizon Training Ball

Horizon Training Ball

Learn how to use it!

Horizon Training Ball

Learn how to use it!

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