Recovery Made for You

Everyone has a slightly different wellness routine - which is why our Wellness Recovery tools are made to work with you. From treating your feet, hands, eyes to relieving chronic pain and improving circulation, our recovery tools do it all.

Peace and Serenity

It is time for YOU to come first - finding peace and serenity after all the hard work of the day. Taking the time to wind down and recover is just as important.


What better way to end your day than with a foot massage? Or to take care of your hands after 8 hours on the computer?


Our Wellness Recovery tools are made to make peace and serenity within reach.


Intuitive Design

Instant Relief

Natural Recovery

Complete Control

Your Reviews Say It All

"Wow Wow Wow! The relaxation, amazing! The bluetooth was a game changer: calming sounds, plus heat, plus massage???? I love it! This will become my go to gift for everyone I love." Ana, Oculax Eye Massager

"I have osteoarthritis in both hands. I use the Legra Hand Massager every evening. It makes my sore hands relaxed and comfortable. Thank you!!" John, Legra Hand Massager

Oculax Eye Massager

See it in action

Oculax Eye Massager

See it in action

We're here for you

If you ever need help, we are just a click away - chat with us, use Facebook messenger, send an email to, or give us a shout-out on social - and we will be there, every step of the way. Register your device for our Lifetime Warranty and sign-up for our Video Library to access training videos. You've got this!