Are you Aware? It’s MS Awareness Week!

Are you Aware? It’s MS Awareness Week!

Importance of MS awareness and advocacy

This week, The National MS Society shines a spotlight on stories of people living with Multiple Sclerosis to raise awareness every day during MS Awareness Week in the US. This year, it’s scheduled for March 12–19, 2023, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS).

“We won’t stop until the moment we’ve all been hoping for and working toward — when we cure MS for every person living with this disease.” The theme for MS Awareness Week is “My MS Moment,” where stories of life with MS will be told through the everyday moments people with MS experience.

Promising avenues for future MS research

There is always more we can do to bring attention to MS, share the knowledge you have about new research or treatments, talk about alternative therapies for symptoms or activities you enjoy, or perhaps attend an event taking place in your area. There are many MS Walks taking place around the world see some of the events on the National MS Society’s FB Event Page.

Supporting a loved one with MS

We encourage you to post on social media this week to add to the momentum by sharing your MS story in support of yourself, a friend, or a family member!

There are lots of ways to support those affected by MS, not just during MS Awareness week but every day! Whether you are living with a diagnosis or supporting someone with MS, we encourage you to lend support to one of the many initiatives that aim to raise awareness every day!

If you are an employer, there are simple ways you can support staff with MS or other conditions by ensuring both an accessible and productive workspace. There are several resources to assist you in accommodating and retaining talented individuals with different needs in your workplace.

Hope for those living with MS

Lifepro wants to celebrate our valued partner and well-known MS Warrior - Dr. Terry Wahls.

Her amazing personal journey and brilliant work have changed the lives of many living with MS and provides a wealth of resources for both patients and care providers with her Wahls Protocol® and Amplify Learning Summits.

Based on her personal life journey having progressive MS. Wahls truly is walking, talking proof that her Wahls Protocol® will improve the strength of autoimmune, neurologic, and chronically diseased patients.  

Dr. Wahls is shedding light on research, and education famed for her own personal experience and amazing reversal of her multiple sclerosis symptoms. Learn more about her and her ongoing research in our past article Dr. Terry Wahls Receives $2.5 million for Multiple Sclerosis Research.

In her new upcoming course RESTORING FUNCTION, Dr. Wahls will review the research and bring her invaluable perspective on methods to restore our abilities to do the activities that matter to us. This course will help expand your knowledge, skills, and confidence that there is much you can do to improve your function and your life.

This new course will be taught live with an opportunity for questions after each lecture. A variety of topics from identifying care providers and submitting claims to innovative therapies and treatments.

Lifepro is proud to have Dr. Wahls as one of our vibration plate users and non-invasive therapies like e-stim and light therapies. Her work and desire to seek solutions have brought an understanding of the many benefits to those suffering from MS and other autoimmune issues. See our related article, Autoimmune Disorders and How Vibration Plates Can Help


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