Bustle (April 2020)


Bustle listed the Lifepro Waver platform as one of the best home exercise equipment for beginners. With over 99 speed settings, you can start off slow and steady and work your way up to a higher intensity workout!


Forbes Magazine (June 2020)

Forbes Feature


Lifepro's Sonic LX massage gun was voted as the "Best for Everyday Use" by Forbes magazine in their article, The Best Massage Guns For Releasing Tight Muscles And Recovering From Workouts. This deep tissue massager includes everything you need to treat every type of pain, injury or muscle group.


Tech Times (July 2020)

tech times

Tech Times featured the Waver Mini vibration plate in their article, Vibration Platform Machines 2020: How to Use Vibration Platform Machine to Lose Weight. With it's smaller size, this plate is perfect for those who are on the go but want a quick and effective workout! 

NY Magazine (August 2020)

new york magazine


In New York Magazine, Lifepro's Rumblex 4D vibration plate was listed as a must-needed product for NYC's 2020 Fall survival guide. And with a frequency range of 4-40Hz, you are easily able to choose the right intensity level for you!


Life&Style Magazine (August 2020)

lifestyle magazine


The Pulse FX massage gun was featured in Life&Style Magazine as a celebrity favorite for 2020! With an amplitude of up to 16mm, this powerful massage gun is great for those who want a deeper and harder massage. 


OK Magazine (August 2020) 

ok magazine


OK Magazine named our Waver vibration plate a Celebrity Fave for the Whole Family. The Waver is great for fast-tracking your recovery and perfect for the whole family to use due to its versatility and ease of use.


InTouch Magazine (August 2020)

in touch magazine

InTouch Magazine featured the Rumblex 4D vibration plate, listing it as one of their 2020 fall essentials. This platform offers a complete 4D workout, allowing you to perform your exercises at an intense level. 

GQ Magazine (September 2020)

GQ magazine
GQ Magazine voted our Sonic Mini massage gun as one of the best massage guns for their 2020 fitness awards. With it's small frame but powerful percussions, this product is a must to ensure that your fitness levels are at their best performance. 

The Drs. TV Show (October 2020)

doctors video
The Waver vibration plate was featured on The Drs. Retail Therapy segment in October. Lifestyle expert, Arlene Santana talks about the multiple health benefits offered and Dr. Ian Smith stated that he often uses this platform to improve his stability and balance! 

Mashable (October 13, 2020)


Three of Lifepro's massage guns were featured in the Mashable article reviewing the Best Prime Day Deals of 2020 for massage guns. Take a look at their Top Pick, Best Savings, and Best for Deep Pain massage guns! 

USA Today (October 13, 2020)


The Sonic Percussion Massage Gun was featured in USA Today's recap of Prime Day 2020. With its portability, reliable battery life, and easiness to operate, this gun is a perfect gift for those who are involved with health and fitness. 

Huffington Post (October 13, 2020)

Huff Post

The Sonic Percussion Massage Gun was featured in the Huffington Post recap of Prime Day 2020 Deals on home gym equipment and fitness gear.

Refinery29 (October 13, 2020)


Lifepro's Pulse FX massage gun was featured in the Refinery29 Prime Day 2020 fitness deals as an addition to your home gym and personal fitness routine. 

Rolling Stone (October 13, 2020)


In Rolling Stone's article recapping the best electronic Amazon Prime Day deals, they mentioned the Sonic Percussion Massage Gun as one of the best Prime Day health and fitness deals for massage guns. 

Health (October 22, 2020)


In Health's article titled, 10 Products for Anxiety Relief That Health Editors are Using Ahead of the Election, they featured the Lifepro Fusion FX Heated Massage Gun as the first product to relieve any tension due to stress and anxiety.

SHAPE (November 2, 2020)


SHAPE featured both the Sonic Percussion Massage Gun and Surger Vibrating Foam Roller in their Best Neck Massagers, According to Customer Reviews article. With their vibrating features, these products are a perfect set for ultimate relief and relaxation. 

CNN Underscored (November 16, 2020)


In CNN Underscored's article, All the Practical Gifts Your Loved Ones Didn't Know They Needed, The Lifepro Agility 4-Speed Vibrating Massage Ball was featured for its injury prevention and recovery design to alleviate the stress that comes with the busy holiday season.

TODAY Online (November 19, 2020)


With the holiday season coming up, TODAY Online rounded up 18 different  gifts to give to the man in your life! Under the Top Practical Gifts for Men Under $250, the Sonic Percussion Massage Gun was featured for those who may have aches and pain from gym workouts or physical labor at work. 

Women's Health (November 19, 2020)


Although Black Friday does not start until November 27th, Women's Health featured both Lifepro's Waver vibration platform and the Pulse FX massage gun as some of the Best Black Friday Deals for at-home workout equipment. 

Cosmopolitan (November 20, 2020)


The Sonic LX massage gun was featured in Cosmopolitan's 9 best massage guns. This gun was voted as most professional due to its athletic recovery and chiropractic therapy.  

Self (November 21, 2020) 


The Electrostride treadmill was included in SELF’s roundup titled “8 Early Black Friday Treadmill Deals to Jump On Now.” The piece features our product alongside other favorites from Target, Walmart and Dick’s Sporting goods.

Parade (November 21, 2020) 


Parade included the Lifepro Pacer folding treadmill in an article titled, “The 10 Best Treadmills for You at-Home Runs and Walks, Including One for Just $350.” Lifepro is named among other top brands including Peloton and NordicTrack.