Collection: Stationary Bikes & Pedal Exercisers

Bikes and elliptical trainers are cardio machines that provide low-impact cardiovascular workouts letting you avoid the pounding associated with other activities such as running. Offering minimal impact on the hips, knees, and ankle joints while providing great core and lower body workouts.

Discover the Perfect Stationary Workout Equipment for Your Lifestyle

What’s the ultimate, versatile cardio equipment for your home? Whether you need something permanent, portable, flexible, foldable, full-sized, or compact, elliptical machines and exercise bikes are built to fit seamlessly inside your unique lifestyle. Lifepro’s selection of pedal exercisers is sure to contain the perfect product to keep you stepping—or cycling—in style. 

Embrace Wellness with a VeloCycle Exercise Bike

Investing in stationary workout equipment is a great way of saying, “I’m dedicated to wellness.” Every time you see your VeloCycle Exercise Bike, you’ll remember your resolve. Whether you hop on for just a few minutes or for a full-blown training session, you’ll have full-time access to exercise on your stationary bike, whenever the mood strikes you. 

Experience Convenience with an Under-Desk Elliptical Trainer

Maybe you don’t have room for an exercise bike, or perhaps you’re the type to burn calories while you work. Either way, an under-desk elliptical trainer offers an incredible combination of convenience and value. Pick the pedal exerciser that suits your needs and easily transition from the office chair to the elliptical and back again. Since our mini ellipticals, exercise bikes, and pedal trainers are incredibly compact, you’ll never need to worry about the set-up. Just stand, slip your feet into the straps, and get moving—yes, it really is that easy.

Reap the Benefits of Daily Exercise with Lifepro's Indoor Bikes and Mini Ellipticals

There’s no shortage of good reasons to exercise daily—reduce stress, find relief from chronic pain, improve your cardiovascular health, and even lose weight. Take a scroll, and discover your new favorite self-care tool. For exercise aftercare, be sure to check out our foam rollers to help prevent muscle soreness. From indoor bikes to mini ellipticals, Lifepro’s shelves are stocked with everything you need to enjoy exercising your way.