Collection: Massage Guns

From pre-workout warm-up to post-workout recovery, deep tissue massage provided by massage guns can help relieve muscle soreness, improve blood circulation, release tension, improve performance, release lactic acid, improve flexibility, break up scar tissue, assist with injury recovery and prevent future injuries from occurring. Check out our solutions below to find the best massage gun for your muscle pain relief needs and more.

Experience On-the-Go Relief with a Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Imagine if you could keep a massage in a box. How much better would your life be? Picture this: you could take your soft tissue massage with you to the gym, to work, even traveling abroad. You’d be able to address aches and pains the moment they arise and bounce back from fatigue with ease.

We’ve got great news: a deep tissue massage gun makes it all possible. Lifepro’s selection of portable muscle massagers includes all kinds of options to suit your lifestyle, so you can experience onsite relief from anywhere. Reduce muscle tightness and treat muscle pain with a variety of massage head options catered to your unique needs. 

Muscle Gun Attachments for Customized Relief

Each of our muscle guns comes with a variety of muscle gun head attachments. Use the ball attachment to recover faster from muscle soreness post-workout, the cup attachment to build better mobility, the spinal attachment to relieve muscle tension, and the thumb attachment to access deep tissue. Massage guns from Lifepro come with anywhere from four to eighteen attachments, so you’re sure to find a model that serves your needs.

Portable Muscle Massage Guns for the Busy Lifestyle

Slip the Dynamini Massage Gun or the DynaFlex Mini Massage Gun into a purse or briefcase and take them anywhere. Rechargeable, quiet, and ultraportable, mini muscle massage guns are the ultimate percussive therapy companion for a successful day on the go. 

Transform Your Recovery with a Full-Sized Muscle Massager

Pick up a full-sized massage gun and discover your new favorite ritual. Whether you’re coming home from a long hike, a cramped cross-country flight, a restless day behind a desk, or hours of pounding the pavement, your Lifepro muscle massager will be there, ready to help you feel better faster.  Loosen up lactic acid, apply soothing deep pressure, and target sore muscles right in the comfort of your own living room. The best part? Lifepro massage guns are competitively priced and unlike a normal massage, there’s no gratuity necessary—talk about relaxing!

If you’re looking for ways to find further relaxation at home, check out our portable saunas to make your home feel like a wellness oasis.