Dash X BIke

Dash X BIke

If you lack room for cardio equipment, we’ve got a small space solution right here! Get yourself a great cardio workout without having to dedicate space for a big piece of equipment! Lifepro’s new Dash X Exercise Bike folds up quickly and requires no power – it can be used and stored away almost anywhere. This adjustable exercise bike which includes magnetic resistance is the ideal way to boost your endurance and stamina without having to commit the space required in comparison to similar in home exercise equipment.

With the Dash X Exercise Bike, you can now build up your cardiovascular fitness while working on your muscle strength at the same time - right at home. The Dash X bike frame offers four super easy-to-set recline angles—no tools required—you can adjust from standard upright, to a recumbent. The recumbent and semi-recumbent angles will help ease stress on your joints, lower back and can help to reduce fatigue during exercise. The whisper-quiet fly wheel won’t disturb your tunes or program making it a perfect fit for any room in the house.

The Dash X not only helps with your cardiovascular fitness, but it will improve muscle tone, joint & bone health, balance and flexibility. It helps boost your circulation and lymph too all in addition to regulating weight and reducing stress. The battery operated console displays your current speed and pulse rate, as well as your total workout time, distance, and calories burned so you can easily track your fitness progress and goals.

Eight pedal resistance levels allow you to create custom cycling workouts. At the lowest resistance level, workouts are equivalent to a leisurely bike ride in the park. Increasing the pedal resistance allows you to create more intensity, a more challenging workout, just like biking up a steep hill.

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a slow pace to start, until you get a feel for how it operates. Start at a level that’s comfortable for your current level of conditioning and progress in according to your goals and ability. When you’re ready you can pick it up and get those legs burning some calories!

Consistency is key with any new routine, in forming the habit as well in results! Commit to this regularly and realize some of those results in as little as 15–20 minutes a day. Mix things up by changing your setting periodically or you incorporate your other Lifepro tools for some variety and even more benefits!


Joel Gottehrer

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