Do Red Light Therapy Belts Work

Do Red Light Therapy Belts Work?

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Many people tout the benefits of red light therapy for a variety of ailments, from skin conditions  to pain. But how effective are the portable red light therapy belts that you can use at home? 

Our guide provides you with an intro to red light therapy, breaks down the benefits of red light therapy belts, and teaches you how to get the greatest benefit from using red light therapy at home.

What Are Red Light Therapy Belts?

Red light therapy belts are wearable pieces of equipment that emit targeted red light or near-infrared light to a certain area of your body. These belts are designed to provide you with all the potential benefits of red light therapy, such as skin enhancement and fat loss, in the convenience of your home. 

Technology Behind RLT Belts

Red light belts contain rows and rows of LED diodes that shine light at the optimal frequency for penetrating the skin and energizing your cells. By strapping these belts directly against your skin, you can encourage healing and cell regeneration in the target area. Many red light belts will also allow you to adjust the frequency and intensity of the light to achieve different effects. 

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy Belts

Because red light therapy focuses on cell rejuvenation, it has wide-reaching potential benefits for your skin, muscles, mental health, and beyond.

Pain Relief and Muscle Recovery

Many studies have demonstrated the pain-reducing qualities of red light.1 People can use red light therapy for joint pain, inflammation, and even soreness after workouts. Adjustable red light therapy belts allow you to hone in on the source of your joint or muscle pain, whether you have general muscle soreness or inflammation in a certain joint.

Skin Health and Appearance

Regular red light treatment can accelerate elastin and collagen production in your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and making your skin look and feel more firm.2 Because of red light’s regenerative properties, many people also use red light therapy for skin tightening, discoloration, and other skin concerns.

Weight Loss and Metabolism

Red light therapy has the potential to support weight loss by improving the fat-burning metabolism of your individual cells.3 By using red light belts, you can focus on fat loss and body contouring in certain areas, especially when pairing your treatment with diet and exercise. 

Comparing RLT Belts to Other Red Light Therapy Devices

There are many ways to enjoy red light therapy, from large panels to targeted handheld red light therapy devices. Here’s how red light belts stack up:

RLT Belts vs. Full-Body Panels

You can treat your entire body at once using full-body red light therapy panels. However, red light therapy belts let you focus on the specific areas you want to improve.

Portable and Wearable Advantage

Red light therapy belts are wearable and adjustable, so you can conduct your red light sessions without disrupting your daily routine. This makes it easier to stay consistent with your treatment and build up to lasting, long-term results.

How to Use Red Light Therapy Belts Effectively

Usage guidelines may vary by device, but here’s a basic breakdown of how to use your red light therapy belt:

Recommended Usage and Duration

Red light belts are typically most effective when used for 10 to 20 minutes per day, three to five times a week. To see consistent results, repeat this routine consistently for several weeks or months.

That being said, always listen to your doctor’s recommendation for the frequency that’s best for you.

Placement and Target Areas

You can place your red light therapy belt wherever you’re experiencing pain or skin issues. If you don’t want direct contact with the belt and wonder, “Does red light therapy work through clothes?” You’re in luck. Wearing lightweight and light-colored clothes will allow the device to work its magic. They’re commonly used around the midsection, but you can strap your red light belt onto different parts of the body if you want to focus on another area. Red light belts can also come in smaller sizes to target the joints, neck, and even the face.

Safety and Precautions

Red light therapy is generally regarded as a safe at-home treatment. However, it’s still important to keep potential risks in mind:

Known Risks and Side Effects

When a red light therapy device is used as recommended, it doesn’t usually have side effects. If you use the belt for too long, though, it could burn your skin. Be meticulous about timing your sessions and watch out for any sensitivity to avoid issues.

Who Should Avoid Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is still a developing field, so it’s important to do your research and be cautious with red light if you have a serious health condition. If you have sensitive skin or a condition that causes photosensitivity, consult with a doctor before using red light therapy.4

So, Are Red Light Therapy Belts Worth It?

Red light therapy belts are an affordable, convenient, and safe way for anyone to take control of their health and wellness. To maximize your benefit, look for high-quality devices with a high concentration of LEDs that can effectively deliver red light wavelengths to your cells.

Shop Red Light Therapy Belts at Lifepro Today

The versatility and simplicity of red light treatment makes it a marvel for anyone seeking to give their well-being a boost. If you’re curious about how you can enhance your wellness with red light therapy, check out red light belts from Lifepro today. 



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