Happy New Year from Lifepro

Happy New Year from Lifepro

And just like that, it is 2022! May this be a year full of good health, happy moments and of course - accomplishing goals!! We want to thank you for being a part of the lifepro family, and are so very glad to be entering the new year with all of you with us! Our team took some time to reflect on what we really want from 2022, and what we want to accomplish with this new year ahead of us. We would love to share some of our resolutions with you, and perhaps they will inspire some goals of your own;

"My word for the year is “Persistence” - I want this year to be about self defense, tactical training & martial arts. I would also like to grow a food garden, and raise livestock in my backyard. Learning economics would be nice too."  - Joel

"My New Year resolution is to take better care of myself, whether that is physically or mentally. 2021 was a very tough year all around, from family to business to wellness and health. Sometimes it makes sense and is the best option honestly to put yourself first, figure out what exactly you need to do and just do it. I’ve made a promise to myself a little bit before NYE - you are important: you are smart, beautiful, unique; you will not let yourself be treated in any other way, no matter what." - Juliette

"For 2022, some of the resolutions I want to achieve this year are; read a book a month, drink more water, start cooking/baking and wear sunscreen more often." - Jen

"For this new year, I would like to be more organized - keep my living space cleaner, plan ahead for my weekends, and organize my thoughts and what I learn better for work to keep myself ahead. And for my more preeminent goals, I would love to make more time to take film photographs like I used to, and keep up with ASL so I become more confident with signing. All in all, I want to put myself and my passions first in 2022." - Christina

We hope you can reflect on what you would like to accomplish for 2022, and share your resolutions with us in the comments below! We’ve got your back!


Joel Gottehrer

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