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How to Use a Massage Gun for Knee Pain

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Your knees are incredibly strong and are the largest, strongest, and likely the most used joints in your body. Everything we do from sitting, walking, jumping, and lifting generally involves movement of the knee joints. When standing they carry 80% of our body weight and one and a half times (150%) or more when we walk.

Aches and pain that develop can be hard to shake and sometimes makes it challenging to perform day to day tasks. If you are experiencing knee pain, you know that it can affect your activities and even your quality of life when severe. Relief from knee pain may be simple with the right tools, keep reading for some tips on how a massage gun can help with knee pain and other symptoms.

Is a massage gun an effective solution?

Whether you are suffering with intermittent or chronic issues, there are ways to naturally manage the aches and pains, tension, stiffness and even swelling. Massage increases serotonin production in our bodies providing natural pain relief while reducing anxiety and fostering deep sleep - further aiding recovery. Massage using a massage gun can be a fast and effective way to relieve pain and improve overall knee function. They have been shown to decrease tension in soft tissue, boost circulation and lymph and often are more convenient and less costly in the ling run than taking a trip to your massage therapist.

Lifepro’s DynaLife Massage Gun is a great example of these versatile self care tools. You can easily target muscles around the knee, calf and thigh to increase blood flow between the legs and torso - reducing pain while dissipating swelling and stiffness. Warm up troublesome knees before activities or just as a way to start your day with less aches and better mobility.

We recommend giving some attention to other support areas around the knees, the calf and even thigh areas. Massage the calf muscles, the sides of the shin bones, the larger muscles of the lower thighs and so on. These muscle groups are compensating for the knees and are likely to have their own tension and stress.

How a massage feels is a different experience for everyone. Each of our personal tolerances and preferences vary and so how you use a massage gun effectively will also differ. There are few general tips Lifepro recommends in getting started with a massage gun and ways to modify how you apply one to suit your needs.

Target the Muscles Around the Knee

Each Lifepro massage gun comes with a variety of different head attachments. Experiment using these in different areas around the knees and legs - you will soon find a preference as to what feels best for you. Once you have selected which head feels best for your intended treatment area you are ready to start.

On your first use, don’t start by applying a lot of pressure even though that instinctively seems like you should do – like going to a masseuse, try instead just grazing the skin surface and let the gun “do the work”, first get a feel for it and increase pressure to tailor to your level of comfort. You may find a mid to higher speed setting smoother, more comfortable when first starting as well.

Increases in circulation and lymph movement happen quickly, you may feel an itchiness or tingly sensation due to these facts or where circulation and lymph movement is poor. This generally dissipates after a few sessions once your body has become more accustomed to it. Consistent use whether your issue is chronic, or you are just working on warm up or prevention is the key to long term success.

If symptoms arise throughout your day don’t hesitate to reach for your massage gun and do a spot treatment. These guns are compact, rechargeable and can be carried with you wherever your day takes you, making managing those aches and pains easy, convenient and affordable in comparison to going for other conventional massage. For many they have become a critical part of a more pain free and more active lifestyle.


Joel Gottehrer

Joel Gottehrer is the Co-Founder of Lifepro Fitness and has dedicated his life to helping people transform theirs. With over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and owner of two personal training studios, Joel has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping transform lives. After suffering from physical injuries, Joel and his business partner, Abraham Brach, came together with a common goal to alleviate the pain caused by their injuries.

They continued to find themselves disappointed with the results stemming from various products promising to relieve their pain, and with that – Lifepro Fitness was born. Joel's mission is to have a positive impact on millions of lives with the Lifepro brand. Whether it's finding new and innovative ways to help people recover from injuries or developing products to improve overall wellness, Joel is always looking for ways to push the boundaries. Thanks to his commitment to help people live their lives free of pain, Lifepro has been able to do this for thousands of people since its founding in 2017.

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