Incoming! New Products for the New Year

Incoming! New Products for the New Year

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With the new year comes new ideas and new goals! This year, Lifepro is striving to create incredible pieces of equipment that work to help you achieve recovery and wellness with small footprint storage for your space … all without breaking the bank, to help you achieve your goals! And with our lifetime support and self-help resources, you’re well on your way on your very own personal road to recovery.
Let’s explore some equipment and see what best compliments your health goals and budget! Introducing Lifepro’s NEW Dash X Bike, Swirl Yoga Wheels, the InfinityBox Plus Workout Set, CryoFrost Compression Therapy Wrap, PowerFlow Max, and PowerFlow Pro!

Dash X Bike

If your goal is to improve your endurance, stability, and muscle tone or to finally start your home gym - meet the Dash X Bike. The bike frame has 4 easy-to-set recline angles - no tools required - ranging from standard upright to recumbent. The recumbent and semi-recumbent angles help ease stress on your joints and lower back, while reducing fatigue. This bike quickly and easily folds up for small footprint storage.

Swirl Yoga Wheels

If your goal is to improve flexibility and stretch more, strengthen your core and back, or pick up something new to add to your routine - then meet Swirl Yoga Wheels. Enhance your practice with 3 practical sizes; small, medium, and large wheels. You can use them as a spine stretcher, opening up your back, and releasing unwanted built-up stress, pressure, and tension - and with this support, you’ll be able to move deeper into your stretches than ever before. Throw them in your bag, loop them over your rolled mat, carry them over your shoulder, or just hang them on the wall for easy storage. 

InfinityBox Plus Workout Set

If your goal is to enhance your strength training, or to add more ways to challenge yourself in your routine without breaking the bank - meet the InfinityBox Plus Workout Set. This home workout system provides you with strength and endurance-building gym accessories for the ultimate full- body workout. Included is a sturdy push-up board with convenient handles and it has the capacity to hold a maximum weight of 265 lbs. Use it for push ups or stand on it as a training base for several other exercises. 

CryoFrost Compression Therapy Wrap

If your goal is to add cold therapy to your recovery routine, or just want a new way to relax - meet the CryoFrost Compression Therapy Wrap. This ice therapy machine with compression comes with everything you need to get started: thigh and ankle wraps, gel ice packs, control pump, AC/DC adapter, carrying bag, user manual, and even a screwdriver. Conveniently wrap the cryotherapy cold pack around the affected area. Then, set the timer, sit back, relax, and let the ice therapy machine work its magic.

PowerFlow Max

If your goal is to build, shape, and tone your muscles, or purchase weights for your at-home workout without losing space - meet the The PowerFlow Max adjustable weight system. Ideal for people at any fitness level who want to begin with lower weights and slowly work up to higher loads. This weight system has been selectively engineered to provide an optimal variety of weight options, starting at 5 pounds and going up to 80 pounds! With the PowerFlow Max, you choose exactly the right intensity for all your workout needs.

PowerFlow Pro

If your goal is to get into strength training without killing your wallet, or you just want to upgrade your weights - meet the PowerFlow Pro,  your new fitness go-to. The PowerFlow Pro is an adjustable weight system selectively engineered to provide an optimal variety of weight options. Starting at 4 pounds and going up to 55 pounds. The PowerFlow Pro dumbbell saves space and allows you to work up to your desired weight, to make reaching your goals easier!


Joel Gottehrer

Joel Gottehrer is the Co-Founder of Lifepro Fitness and has dedicated his life to helping people transform theirs. With over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and owner of two personal training studios, Joel has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping transform lives. After suffering from physical injuries, Joel and his business partner, Abraham Brach, came together with a common goal to alleviate the pain caused by their injuries.

They continued to find themselves disappointed with the results stemming from various products promising to relieve their pain, and with that – Lifepro Fitness was born. Joel's mission is to have a positive impact on millions of lives with the Lifepro brand. Whether it's finding new and innovative ways to help people recover from injuries or developing products to improve overall wellness, Joel is always looking for ways to push the boundaries. Thanks to his commitment to help people live their lives free of pain, Lifepro has been able to do this for thousands of people since its founding in 2017.

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