When and How to Use a Massage Gun

When and How to Use a Massage Gun

If you work out and wish you had a faster and more effective way of recovering, consider using a massage gun. These tools have become very popular with trainers, pro athletes, and celebrities in recent years thanks to the benefits they can offer when recovering after a workout.

Massage guns are percussive therapy devices that help to move lactic acid from the muscles worked during your exercise routine. In theory, it is similar to using foam rolling or massage to help muscles recover. However, because of the percussive nature and power of a massage gun, it proves to be even more effective. It also takes less time, which means better overall recovery.

Another benefit of using a massage gun, such as the Sonic LX, is the comfort level they provide. They can be a good solution for those who do not like deep tissue massage, which can be painful for some people. Massage guns can provide a similar effect without pain.


For recovery, it is a good idea to use a massage gun as soon after your workout as you can. This might be in the gym before you leave, or it might be as soon as you get home. It should be used for around two to three minutes on muscles you worked and that you think will be sore in the following days. This helps to move the lactic acid out of them so that you can recover faster. You can also treat other muscles when you are using the massage gun, not just the ones that you worked that day. They will only need about 30 seconds of treatment in most cases.

One of the great things about massage guns is that you don’t have to use much pressure to get results. The percussive force of the machine handles the hard work for you. It is also faster than a traditional massage.

Massage Gun Usages

It is possible to use the massage gun for more than just recovering after workouts. Many people are using them to help with their stress and tension, just as they would a traditional massage. Again, using the machine for just a couple of minutes on muscles can make a difference in the way you feel. It is even helpful to use right before you go to sleep since it can help you feel relaxed and calm.


When using the massage gun, make sure that you aren't using it on any injured areas. Whether it is a strain, sprain, tendonitis, or a broken bone, you will want to let the body heal from injury before using a massage gun. Common sense use of the device is important.

There are a range of options from which you can choose. Lifepro also offers usage advice specifically for women. It's time to find a massage gun that you can use today, whether it is for personal use or for clients after you've trained with them.


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