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Leaders of Women in Wellness and the Lifepro Community

There is a wonderful tribe of amazing women that comprise the Lifepro community. We love and believe in all of you! 

Of course, we couldn’t let Women’s History month go by without celebrating the leaders at Lifepro that best display women in wellness. 

Amber Kivett has an impressive resume that includes certifications in all types of physical training as well as wellness therapy. What you may not know about her is that at one time in her life she was recovering from 8 spinal surgeries. She was taking pain pills just to get on the exercise bike at that time. Despite the doctors telling her, she may never be able to move again, she slowly made her recovery. As she puts it, “Motion is lotion and movement is medicine”.

She became a fanatic for Dirty Girl races before being sidelined by Endometriosis. Although she misses racing dearly, she has found her place in recovery-based wellness. 

Check out Amber’s co-authored book, Dear Her, an amazing book for your women in athletics.

Roseann Zaft won second place in the 2012 NPC Natural Northern USA Drug Tested Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure & Bikini Championships. At age 55 she was in the best shape of her life. Determined to be better than before, she came back to the same competition in 2013 and placed first.

Discovering a life of wellness wasn’t an easy road for Roseann. She was an alcoholic until 40 years old. In 2001 during her first meditation class, she finally had her “A-Ha” moment that led her to 19 years of uninterrupted sobriety. She leaves us with these wise words, “It’s never too late. It’s not an age, it’s a choice”.

Roseann’s co-authored book Natural Sugar Detox can be found on Amazon.

Gin Stephens took a Caribbean cruise in the spring of 2014. “I looked at the photos from my family cruise and instead of remembering the wonderful week we had, I saw an obese woman staring back at me, one who felt awful in her skin the entire trip.  We took an amazing excursion through the rivers of Belize and then hiked the Mayan Ruins, and I could barely lift my body up the steps.  At that pivotal moment, I knew it was time to take charge of my health.  I was tired of feeling tired.  Thanks to intermittent fasting, I was able to lose over 80 pounds, and I have been maintaining the loss since 2015, even as I went through the menopausal transition. Now, at the age of 51, I have never felt better.  I’m strong, I’m healthy, and I use my LifePro vibration plate as an important part of my health and wellness regimen.  Intermittent fasting and whole-body vibration work together to have me living my best life.”

Gin has written several books titled Delay, Don’t Deny, Feast Without Fear, and her latest New York Times Best-seller, Fast, Feast, Repeat.

If you’d like to share a story with the Lifepro community about your women in wellness role models or share your own story,  please email [email protected].


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