Collection: Workout & Gym Accessories

We believe that the right accessories can make all the difference when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals. That's why we offer a wide range of accessories that are designed to complement our top-quality LifePro products and enhance your overall fitness experience. Accessorize your favorite LifePro products and save when you bundle. 

Elevate Your Workout with Lifepro Gym Accessories

Maximize the effectiveness of your workouts and experience a supportive, relatable, empowering, and inclusive fitness journey with Lifepro's gym accessories collection. Our range of workout accessories is designed to complement your exercise routines, providing unique experiences tailored to your needs. Discover how our home gym accessories can transform your fitness journey today.

Vibration Resistance Bands for Intensified Workouts

Lifepro's Vibration Resistance Bands are the perfect addition to your vibration plate workout. These non-latex bands, available in small (29 inches) and regular (34 inches) sizes, provide additional resistance to tone your arms and abs. Easily attachable to any Lifepro model (except the Rhythm), these bands offer a versatile and effective full-body workout.

Vibration Platform Mat for Sound Dampening and Cushioning

The Vibration Platform Mat serves dual purposes, acting as a sound dampener when placed under your Rumblex, or as a cushion for added comfort when performing exercises that involve sitting or lying on the unit. Enhance your workout experience with this versatile fitness accessory.

PulseFX Absorber Massage Gun Attachment for Efficient, Hygienic Muscle Relief

The PulseFX Absorber Massage Gun Attachment offers a more hygienic and efficient muscle relief experience. Its closed-cell PU foam construction ensures it doesn't absorb sweat, lotions, or oils while providing gentle, low-impact treatment around tender or bony areas. Designed for general use, we recommend replacing this attachment every 60-90 days to maintain optimal performance.

Round Head Massage Gun Attachments for Improved Recovery

Lifepro's Round Head Massage Gun Attachments, available for both PulseFX and Sonic models, are designed to improve post-workout recovery and reduce muscle soreness. These attachments provide gentle oblique impact, promoting relaxation and muscle health after intense exercise sessions.

Explore Lifepro Workout & Home Gym Accessories

Lifepro's gym accessories collection offers a wide range of fitness and workout accessories designed to support and enhance your fitness journey. Whether you're looking for additional resistance, sound dampening, cushioning, or targeted muscle relief, our home gym accessories provide the ultimate in versatility and performance. Experience the supportive, empowering, and inclusive world of Lifepro fitness accessories and elevate your workouts to new heights.