Founders Note

3 women and 2 men exercising in their homes

This is Lifepro, a company founded on the friendship and personal experience shared between two good buddies Abe and Joel. We found ourselves on a journey desperate to return to our best health after we BOTH suffered major ACL injury only months apart. Initially devastated by this setback it was only the start of what has ignited a common desire to empower people to live their best life.

Short version of this story, we were desperate to speed up our healing and pursued several pieces of equipment for some rehab at home. While on our road to recovery we tried out probably every health and wellness tool you can imagine. Coming from a solid fitness background we gave them all an honest effort just to find ourselves feeling more and more discouraged. On the surface these tools seemed great but once we got them home there was little instruction, no plan of how to work towards our goals and often little to no support. We didn’t find solutions instead we found ourselves just feeling frustrated time and time again.

Been there? Done that? So many of us have been disillusioned and swayed by equipment offering big promises and fast results when in reality we end up feeling all alone when we need their help the most. That path to good health can often feel more like a steep hill that we have been climbing forever. Working towards better health and changing old habits can be a difficult challenge both physically and mentally regardless of whether your goals are to lose weight or you are dealing with a medical issue.

On a more positive note, let’s get to the “there is hope” chapter in this story. Rather than become casualties to the latest gimmicks, we pushed on as we had each other to help get through our own recovery. It sparked a vision that became Lifepro Fitness and has instilled our belief that no one should have to be on their path alone. We all need someone in our corner at times, guiding us, building us up, helping us stay focused to climb that hill.

We welcome you to become a part of what is now an energetic, supportive, and very large Lifepro community. A place where people like you are determined to live that better life, recover faster and hit those fitness goals. A place where members share wins and losses but also find motivation and friends along the way. A place where you can find the right gear, with training and great routines for your budget and space. Most importantly you have access to the tools, real support and like-minded members all in one place.

Lifepro fitness started with our vision, now it’s about you, its your turn to get to the top of that hill. Time to stop feeling like just a number on that scale, time to move past that setback that took away all that progress, time to feel better about yourself, time to start looking at that person in the mirror and telling yourself you’ve got this- because we’ve got your back! Allow yourself to feel empowered - take charge of not just your physical body -- but your life, time for a walk on a better path.

Our amazing coaches are like extended family here and have created an ever-growing library of starting lessons, video workouts, product ideas and other resources you can access anytime, anywhere online. We want to be accessible to you; help keep things fun, functional and affordable when using our wellness and fitness tools. We are committed to our Lifepro members and want you to feel us “beside” you, helping you push on every step of the way.

No gimmicks here – just real people with a passion to bring you the right products tailored to offer simple, low impact equipment options. Time to redefine your body, your life and your expectations.

They say we must be able to walk before we can run. Well here at Lifepro we want you to run to the top of that hill and jump! Launch yourself up above that big hill and soar, we want you to GROW SOME WINGS AND FLY… or at least feel so great that you think you can.


Abe & Joel

Buddies and Lifepro Founders