Lifepro Loyalty Program FAQs

How do I apply for the Lifepro Loyalty Program?

You can sign-up for the program if you create an account on the website and make a purchase of at least $1. You can create an account here and learn more about the program here.

I just made a purchase but I'm not seeing my points. What do I do?

First, make sure that you are logged into your account with the email that you signed up. If you're still not seeing your points, log out, clear your cookies and log back into your account.

Can I return or exchange items that were purchased with my rewards?

Yes, your points will go back into your account. However, please read our return policy as procedure can depend on the product, for more information please see our Return Policy. You will also lose any points you earned for the product you return.

Can I purchase a gift for someone else using my rewards?

Yes! Your points can be used however you see fit. However, you will only be able to redeem point through your account.

How do I contact customer support for the rewards program?

You can reach the Client Care team by emailing

Can I use a coupon code with my rewards?

Currently, we do not allow coupon codes and rewards to be combined - you will have a choice to use one or the other with your order, whichever offers the higher discount.

Where can I submit product feedback?

We encourage all clients to leave product reviews as often as they can. As part of our reward program, we trust your expertise to let us know what you love, what could be improved, and how you like to use your favorite pieces of equipment. You can leave feedback by visiting any product page on the website or by clicking here.

How do I refer a friend? Is there a referral program?

Yes! Please visit your account page, then click on Rewards and scroll down; you will see more information on our Referral Program. When you refer a friend, they get a $25 reward for their purchase and if they complete it, you earn $25 in rewards (or 250 points).

How do I earn points?

You can earn points by purchasing products or referring a friend. You earn 1 point for every dollar spent, and once you reach the following amount of points, you get a reward:

  • 100 points, you get a $10 coupon (min order amount to use the coupon is $50)
  • 250 points for a $25 coupon (min order amount to use the coupon is $150)
  • 500 points for a $50 coupon (min order amount to use the coupon is $250)
  • 750 points for a $75 coupon (min order amount to use the coupon is $500)
Please note that rewards will not apply to clearance items.

    How do I spend my points?

    Once you have shopped on the site and filled your cart with your favorite items you will start the checkout process. Once you enter checkout, as long as you are logged into your account, your points will automatically show up in a drop down menu where you can decide how many points you want to apply.

    I am having issues with applying my coupon code to my order. What can I do?

    Please make sure that you do not have another code already applied to your order - coupon codes/rewards cannot be stacked. Also, please make sure you are logged into your Lifepro account. Finally, please see the minimum order amounts to be able to use different reward denominations - if your order does not meet the threshold, the reward will not apply. If you are still having issues, please reach out to

    I used a $10 off coupon for my order but wanted to use the $25 - is there a way I can adjust?

    Yes you can remove/add any coupons on the checkout page. Once you have completed your order however, you cannot change the rewards used for that order.

    Where can I learn more about the rewards program?

    You can learn more about the program by clicking here.

    Can I redeem points from past purchases?

    Point redemption will be valid starting 11/16/20; purchases made prior to this date will not be honored in the loyalty program. However, past purchases will affect which tier you are currently in.

    Tier eligibility:

    • Insider: $1-$499
    • Elite: $500-$1499
    • Pro: $1500+

    Other than purchasing products, is there a way to earn points?

    Absolutely, here are some other fun ways to score some extra points:

    • Create account: 25 points
    • On your birthday: 100 points
    • Refer a friend that purchases a product: 250 points
    • Leave a review: 25 points
    • Follow us on Facebook: 10 points
    • Follow us on Instagram: 10 points
    • Upload a photo with your review: 25 points


    Please contact for more information.