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Boost Your Energy with Whole Body Vibration

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Energy is the life force that drives us through our daily activities. Without it, we feel sluggish and demotivated. Fortunately, Whole body vibration (WBV) therapy is an effective and scientifically-proven way to increase your energy levels and performance without caffeine or medication. By using WBV, you can boost your energy, strength, balance, and flexibility. This article will discuss how to increase your energy with whole-body vibration. We will explore the benefits of WBV, how to use a vibration plate, and tips for getting the most out of your WBV sessions.

How Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Increases Energy in the Body

Whole body vibration (WBV) therapy is a type of workout that involves standing on a power vibration plate, which sends vibrations through the body. Performing simple exercises while on a vibration plate can also boost WBV therapy's effects.

Moving and exercising your body on a vibration plate triggers the cells inside your muscles to produce more mitochondria; they are the powerhouse of our cells. By having more mitochondria, we increase our body's energy supply. The mitochondria are also responsible for creating "fuel" out of the food we eat and oxygen from the air we breathe.

The WBV workout also boosts the circulation of oxygen inside our body. This increase in oxygen helps the mitochondria ramp up your energy and allows for better body function and more efficient use of its energy. 

Several studies examined how whole-body vibration impacts neuromuscular functions. They concluded that WBV creates a binding force that stimulates muscle function and energy metabolism. As a result, favorable changes in growth hormone, testosterone, and catecholamine make you feel more energized.

The Best Way To Use Vibration Plate to Increase Energy 

Think of a vibration plate as an environment rather than a piece of equipment—an environment where you do exercises or stretches on within your ability. The stimulation from the machine enhances the effects of what you are doing and really ramps up blood and lymph flow. If the advanced vibration plate workout routine seems too challenging, you can still experience significant benefits by just standing on your vibration plate. 

A brief 1-2 mins of passive use is a fast and easy way to boost energy while getting other benefits like better balance and mental clarity while at the same time can reduce pain, tension, and swelling. It's ideal for those with cardiac or respiratory issues or recovering from something where fatigue often sets in quickly. What positions you do on a plate is more about you, your physical capabilities, and your goals.

Check out this simple Lifepro vibration plate routine for increasing energy in the body.

The Best Vibration Plat For Boosting Body Energy

Lifepro has various vibration plate options depending on your needs. They are a great way to start getting active and offer a variety of both therapeutic and fitness benefits. If your main goal is to boost energy in your body and improve overall health, you will only need our basic option - the best-selling Waver Vibration Plate - loved by more than 1827 happy customers

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Waver Vibration Plate is affordable, doesn't use much electricity, and comes with free resistance bands. You can also access our workout video library and live support absolutely free!

You may be pleasantly surprised with this vibration plate as an exercise alternative. Many customers use them daily to move and feel better whenever symptoms like fatigue occur. Vibration plates have become a standard for many managing their own self-care.

See our recent vibration plate session 3 Tips To Boost Your Energy with Whole Body Vibration for ways to use your vibration plate to boost energy throughout the day!


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