Boost Your Energy with Whole Body Vibration

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Do you lack energy at certain times throughout the day? Loose steam and mental focus after lunch? Perhaps you are dealing with a medical issue that causes fatigue? When we feel tired a nap would be great, but many reach for that cup of coffee or other quick fixes to give us a lift to get on with our day.

Perhaps a brisk walk or couple sets of stairs is something to consider instead of the next caffeine fix. Why might you ask? Fact is getting your muscles moving has been scientifically shown to not only boost energy levels but helps keep it up. (1)

When you get moving changes start happening at the cellular level. Moving and exercising your body triggers the cells inside of your muscles to produce more mitochondria, they are the powerhouse of our cells and by producing more we increase our body’s energy supply. The mitochondria are also responsible for creating “fuel” out of the food we eat and oxygen from the air we breathe.

Activity also boosts the circulation of oxygen inside of our body. This increase in oxygen not only helps the mitochondria ramp up your energy, it allows for better body function and more efficient use of it’s energy. Added bonus? Your body also gains an exercise-induced rise in hormone levels, making you feel more energized.

Many of you are dealing with severe medical concerns, and being active can be challenging, painful or seem almost impossible. It can be so frustrating when dealing with limitations, lack of access to equipment & facilities and general support to help you get moving. Perhaps an exercise alternative? Something to get things moving without the strain of more traditional activities, if you have never heard about vibration plates you need to keep reading…

lifepro vibration plate
Think of a vibration plate as an environment rather than a piece of equipment. An environment that you do exercises or stretches on within your ability. The stimulation from the machine enhances the effects of what you are doing and really ramps up blood and lymph flow. If unable to bear weight or fatigue quickly you can sit on a stool or modify in other ways how you expose your body to this environment created by the machine.

A brief 1-2 mins of even passive use is a fast and easy way to boost energy while getting other benefits like better balance and mental clarity while at the same time can reduce pain, tension, and swelling. It’s ideal for those with cardiac, respiratory issues or if recovering from something where fatigue often sets in quickly. What positions you do on a plate is more about you, what you’re physically capable of and your goals.

Lifepro has a variety of options in vibration plates depending on your plans for use. They are a great way to start getting active and offer a variety of both therapeutic and fitness benefits. You may be pleasantly surprised with these as an exercise alternative and start seeing not only better energy levels, but a better way for you to be active. Many of our users use them daily, even multiple times a day to move and feel better whenever symptoms like fatigue are present. They have become a standard for many managing their own self care.

See our recent vibration plate session 3 Tips To Boost Your Energy with Whole Body Vibration for ways to use your vibration plate to boost energy throughout the day!

Fatigue or feeling tired can usually be resolved with a good night sleep or two, fatigue can also be a sign or symptom of something more serious so be sure to consult with your doctor if dealing with chronic concerns to ensure the best way for you to be active.
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