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Do you have Painful Fat? Lipedema Awareness Month

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Do you have painful fat? Is your fat lumpy or misshapen in any way? Perhaps you have hard lumps in your fatty area, areas you are gaining even though you are doing all the right things? Maybe what you are dealing with is a fat disorder. As many as 1 in 9 women are and for the most part, are completely unaware of it. So is the medical community for the most part.

In 2019 a team of 22 people established the Standard of Care for Lipedema and even though women aware of this are sharing this with their care providers, they are still often misdiagnosed or dismissed. Many suffering with these conditions are mocked by friends and family, even the medical community simply because the conditions are not known and misunderstood. Fat shaming and blaming the individual is not uncommon and creates more stress, feeling isolated and hopeless. This of course, contributes to poor mental health many withdrawing from social circles and activities altogether.

Further frustration comes when trying to get treatment. Without a diagnosis, it's almost impossible to get an insurance company to even consider covering the cost of needed surgeries, therapists or self care tools.

Only through education and advocacy can we shed light on these conditions. PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE FAR AND WIDE!

So what is Lipedema? It’s referred to as a painful fat disorder, is a medical condition primarily affecting females that displays unusual fat growth and body shape. Lipedema fat commonly appears on the lower body. In the early stages both legs will have similar shapes but may become irregular and disproportionate over time. Fat may also appear on the upper arms and other body parts.

Fat that develops from lipedema can be extremely sensitive even painful to the touch. Many wth this condition are prone to bruising easily, or experience pain even without being touched. Not everyone with lipedema experiences pain but for those that do, it can be managed even eliminated by self-care and certain treatments.

Lipedema is defined as a Loose Connective Tissue Disorder- historically, lipedema has been called a fat disorder or a disease of the fat. New research recognizes that lipedema is better described as a disorder of the subcutaneous loose connective tissue (LCT). This layer separates skin from muscle and includes the fat or adipose cells, their supporting structures, and other components.

Lipedema vs lymphedema

Lipedema is the abnormal accumulation of excess fat whereas Lymphedema can develop from damage to the lymph system where fluid accumulates in the tissues causing swelling.

It is possible to have both lymphedema, lipedema, and obesity. Combinations of lipedema or lymphedema with less common adipose tissue disorders, such as Dercum’s disease or multiple symmetric lipomatosis. See source for more information Lipedema.com.

Lipomas – Excess weight or unusual fat are not the only indications. Another sign that you may have a fat disorder are lipomas. These are benign tumors of fat, lumps that form between the skin and the underlying muscle. Lipomas can grow anywhere in the body in various sizes. For some they are very painful and although can be removed by surgery many see them return over time.

Without knowing you may have these conditions or for those that know but can’t get a proper diagnosis, getting treatment coverage is an impossibility. For those living with these conditions perhaps the biggest impact to quality of life are the self care tools being used to manage symptoms. When we move lymph moves and keeping the lymphatics moving and flowing can not only offer relief but often reduces even eliminate symptoms.

Some of the most used self care tools include vibration therapy, compression massage and red light therapies. Many cannot wait for that diagnosis; they just need relief now and seek their own self-care solutions. Many in the Fat Disorders community are using Lifepro’s therapies due to their affordability, ease of use and they are accessible in many countries via Amazon.

Vibration Therapies

Vibration plates being the most popular choice have the ability to offer both feel good and fitness benefits. Improving balance, stability, mobility, boosting energy, circulation & lymph. Weight bearing exercises on a vibration plate will also offer gains in strength and bone density, help with weight loss and even improve skin tone. Many users experience a reduction of pain and swelling and use it often in short 2-3 minute sessions to relieve symptoms or to enhance other treatments.

Massage guns are a popular choice to spot-treat troublesome areas and are perfect on the go to manage symptoms throughout the day. Many dealing with these lipomas are applying these guns and seeing a reduction in pain and size offering a non invasive alternative to surgery.

Compression massage

Air compression garments are a great way to move the lymph and boost circulation with no effort required by the user. For those with excess pain and swelling the soothing massage offers relief and is a perfect compliment to other therapies or activity to help boost recovery. Lifepro carries a few different styles and at a fraction of the cost of medical versions. These garments are ideal at home or anywhere you need relief on the go or when traveling featuring rechargeable lithium batteries.

Red light Therapies

Another self care tool growing in popularity are red light devices. Managing pain and inflammations while boosting lymph and circulation is easy with these passive tools. Some with lipedema are sensitive to heat and are surprised in how tolerant they are to the red light. Another great compliment to other therapies and a big win if also dealing with skin surface issues like acne, scarring even wrinkles. Some are also noting an improvement on overall skin tone.
For more information about these conditions and ways to use Lifepro self care tools for symptoms, see our recent Lifepro LIVE for Lipedema Awareness Month “Do you have Painful Fat?”

A reminder that 1 in 9 women are affected but these disorders. Share this article and out videos to help spread awareness and get this community the support it needs.


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