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Meet the New Lifepro - How Did We Get Here

3 women and 2 men exercising in their homes

You might be wondering why we've decided to change our look - read on to see the whole story. 

When we established Lifepro, it was with a simple mission of making sure that no one is alone on their path to recovery or overall wellness or fitness or endurance training; pretty much any physical or metaphysical activity out there. As we evolved both as a business and as individuals, this mission expanded into something much bigger and grew into a community where people are determined to live a better life, recover faster and hit those fitness goals. Now, our community is thriving through shared knowledge, experience and respect.

It is with this in mind that we attempted to re-vamp Lifepro into something else on a physical level (as much as a business can have a physical level in the e-commerce space). We re-did the website to better show what we stand for now, added new product categories to make the shopping experience easier and much more. Take a look for yourselves and let us know what you think.

Re-imagined Lifepro Product Lines

Wellness Recovery - products made to help you relax and unwind after a hard day at the office, field, beach or anywhere else. From hand massagers to foot massagers and everything in between, we have the perfect tool for you to achieve peace and tranquility.

Sports Recovery - made to cater to the athlete in all of us - whether we are one or not. These tools help to warm up your muscles prior to an intense work-out session or a soccer game or anything else you're into. Then they help to cool down and recover faster after the strenuous activity. From massage guns to foam rollers, we got you covered.

Strength Training - our newest category that now completes your at-home gym. With our adjustable dumbbells, you no longer need to have 25 different dumbbells (and no more toe-breaking hazards!), but just one set - that seamlessly adjusts with the flick of the hand and one button. We all know the benefit of resistance or strength training for the whole body - we've made it that much easier.

Endurance Training - cardio is not good for you, said no one, ever! Cardio workouts are amazing for overall body health, from lower cholesterol to decreased chance of heart disease, it is a must for anyone at any age. We've developed folding treadmills and exercise bikes, aimed to help you keep yourself healthy but also to save you the very valuable real estate that you need for other things. Our under-desk equipment helps to keep you moving even when you're not.

Vibration Therapy - the cornerstone and foundation of Lifepro. Our perfected vibration plates bring countless benefits to your fitness and recovery routine. From weight-loss to overall toning to improving bone density and strengthening your core, our all-in-one workout machines are a must for pretty much anyone. Health benefits include (but not limited to!) chronic pain relief, repairs old injuries, increases range of motion, builds muscle tone, protects nerves and bones; as well as many others.


Joel Gottehrer

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