New Yoga Wheels to Get Your New Year Rolling!

New Yoga Wheels to Get Your New Year Rolling!

You don’t need to be a yoga or Pilates pro to take advantage of the benefits this amazing new tool will bring to your routine. Maximize flexibility, improve strength, have better overall form, and target tension in those hard to access areas. Time to really get things rolling this New Year with our new Yoga Wheels!

The Lifepro Swirl wheel set is designed to accommodate users of all shapes and sizes for a variety of applications. Get deeper into your stretches, improve your positioning - even challenge yourself with more stability and support than ever before!

This affordable, quality made wheel set come in 3 circumferences - a large (13.4 inch) medium (11 inches) and small (7 inches). These rings can be easily added to enhance your routine at home, thrown in your gym bag to take on the go or to boost results with clients in your studio or practice.

You’ll enjoy the stability and support they provide making going for those more difficult positions safer and often more effective with the support of the wheel.

So many things can be incorporated! Stretch the spine to relieving tension in the neck & back even your hips! Use them for support, allowing you to get deeper into those stretches or breathing exercises that you have been trying to master.

If you’ve ever used a roller you can apply these wheels in the same way! Roll out those thighs & calves, open up the back & shoulders, even your arms and feet! Start gaining better range of motion and mobility while reducing pain and stiffness every time you use them! Use the yoga wheel in conjuction with a personal sauna if you're looking to gain flexibility and reduce soreness after an intense workout. 

Lifepro includes a 12 position illustrated guide to help you get started. We recommend using our wheels barefoot or with non-skid socks on a flat non-slip floor or exercise mat to ensure a safe as well as comfortable experience.

Interact with us and other Lifepro members for tips and sharing in our VIP group and you can access routines and other support videos in our Members Only Training Portal!


Joel Gottehrer

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