Using Red Light Therapy for Cellulite

Using Red Light Therapy for Cellulite

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Cellulite is a natural and extremely common skin conundrum that women and men face. Up to 90% of women—and 10% of men—will experience this frustrating dimpling of the skin.1 Although cellulite is completely normal and harmless, it’s a top insecurity for many people. 

However, many so-called treatments for cellulite aren’t actually effective, leaving people feeling disheartened when it comes to improving their skin. One study showed that 57% of women have given up completely on trying to reduce the appearance of cellulite due to a lack of results with previous techniques.2

Thankfully, novel, FDA-approved solutions like red light therapy can help you make noticeable improvements to your cellulite, right from home. By exploring the basics of red light therapy, we can equip you with the tools you need to succeed on your cellulite reduction journey. 

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is an emerging treatment that uses the unique wavelengths of red light to stimulate your cells, promote healing, and reduce inflammation. Also known as cold laser therapy or low-level laser therapy, red light therapy for wrinkles, pain, redness, scarring, and other skin concerns has also been proven effective. 

The idea is that red light energizes the mitochondria of your cells, encouraging new cell growth and stimulating cell regeneration. Light therapy has been around for decades, but scientists are constantly finding new applications for red light therapy as they learn more through studies and clinical trials. 

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy and Cellulite Reduction

The conversation around the benefits of red light for cellulite treatment is still evolving. Do red light therapy belts work? Current studies have promising results. Here’s our breakdown of what we know so far:

Impact on Collagen and Elastin Production

One study found that red and infrared light treatment on the skin increases your body’s production of nourishing substances like collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.3 These substances may boost your skin elasticity, helping it feel more firm. By boosting these substances, red light therapy sessions could help in reducing cellulite and making afflicted areas more smooth, firm, and supple. An increase in elastin can prove the effectiveness of red light therapy for stretch marks.

Enhancing Blood Circulation and Nutrient Delivery

Red light is thought to positively impact your circulation, making it easier for your blood to deliver nutrients throughout the body. This enhanced blood flow can boost the overall health and regenerative properties of your cells, which could, in turn, help repair cellulite.

Reduction of Inflammation and Its Effects on Cellulite

Some scientists believe that cellulite is caused by chronic inflammation.4 By supporting your cells’ anti-inflammatory properties with red light, you could target the root cause of cellulite.

Fat Cell Metabolism and Weight Loss Contributions

Red light therapy treatment can stimulate your cells, boosting their internal metabolism. As a result, cells targeted with red light may burn fat more easily.5 Because cellulite targets fat deposits, the fat reduction and faster weight loss from red light could significantly improve cellulite. 

Practical Guide to Red Light Therapy for Cellulite

If you’re ready to jump into the innovative world of red light therapy to target your cellulite, you don’t have to invest in expensive treatments at the aesthetician. You can try out red light therapy for yourself right from home. 

Choosing the Right Device for Home Use

There are many red light therapy devices on the market, so it’s important to choose an option that fits in with your goals and lifestyle. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Wearable vs. handheld formats – Handheld devices are versatile for use throughout the body, but they’re typically more time-consuming because you have to move the device around to target your different problem areas. Wearable devices like masks and belts let you hone in on one specific area.
  • Frequency – The frequency of your red light device impacts its ability to penetrate into the skin. Make sure that your device is within the right range for delivering maximum benefits.
  • Irradiance and intensity – Look for options that deliver intense light that’s easier for your skin to absorb. Having a high concentration of LED light bulbs can make red light therapy devices stronger and more effective.

Best Practices for Using Red Light Therapy at Home

Set yourself up for success by implementing these tips when trying out red light therapy:

  • Prep your skin – Cleanse and exfoliate your skin to prepare it for treatment.
  • Set a timer – Typically, red light sessions for cellulite last around 20 minutes, but carefully follow the instructions for your device.
  • Be consistent – Follow a schedule of one to three sessions per week to see steady results. (But of course, heed your doctor’s advice on frequency first and foremost.)
  • Create a regiment – You may want to alternate red light therapy with other methods like topical creams or massage. 

Potential Benefits and Realistic Outcomes

Red light therapy isn’t a magic wand that will make your cellulite instantly disappear. But it does have science-backed benefits, and many people have seen noticeable results from consistent red light therapy work. 

Expected Results from Red Light Therapy

If you regularly use red light therapy, you may have to wait a few weeks or months to see results. Although some people notice an improvement right away, most people have gradual results over time.

Combining Exercise and Diet for Enhanced Results

Losing weight and boosting muscle tone through exercise can smooth out your skin and have a significant impact on the appearance of cellulite. By combining red light therapy with a realistic, sustainable exercise and diet regimen, you may be able to maximize your results from both methods.

Long-Term Use and Maintenance

Because you get the best results from using a red light device consistently over time, device maintenance is key. Keep your device clean with gentle baby wipes and remove dust with a microfiber cloth to prevent any buildup. Additionally, make sure you store your device in a cool, dry area.

Safety and Side Effects

Red light therapy devices are a form of medical equipment, so they need to be handled with care. Being aware of safety recommendations and potential risks can help you get positive outcomes and avoid major drawbacks in your treatment.

Known Side Effects and How to Avoid Them

When used as instructed, red light therapy isn’t associated with any side effects. However, research is still developing when it comes to long-term use. It’s best to follow the standard practice of a few short sessions per week, or the frequency your doctor recommends is right for you.

If you use a red light device for too long or too often, however, you could potentially be at risk of a burn.6 Burns from red light devices are usually related to leaving them on for more than 30 minutes, or even falling asleep with the device on. By setting a timer and paying attention to any irritation you’re experiencing, you can limit the possibility of an adverse reaction.

When to Consult a Professional

It’s a good idea to contact your doctor about your red light therapy schedule if you have sensitive skin, diabetes, or other health issue. If you start experiencing any adverse reaction from your red light, you should consult with your doctor right away.

Benefits of Choosing Home Therapy Over Professional Sessions

Home therapy allows you to develop a consistent red light therapy schedule without having to visit and in-person office and disrupt your day. Because red light is most effective with consistent, long-term use over the course of weeks or months, you can also save money by investing in your own device. 

FAQs About Red Light Therapy for Cellulite

The world of red light therapy is still developing and expanding, so you may have questions about how it works. Check out our FAQ to ease your mind as you explore this exciting new technology.

Can Red Light Therapy Completely Eliminate Cellulite?

In short, no. Although red light therapy can help smooth out your cellulite and produce significant reduction in its intensity, it’s unlikely that red light will attain cellulite removal entirely. However, even small results can have a major visual impact and give you a serious confidence boost.

How Long Before I See Results?

Some people report seeing results right away after their first treatment, while others may take weeks or months. It’s important to understand that everyone’s skin is different, so your personal timeline can vary.

Can I Use Red Light Therapy with Other Skin Treatments?

You can use red light therapy alongside other skin treatments like creams, massages, and microneedling. However, there’s limited research on how red light therapy works in conjunction with other techniques. 

Regardless, you should make sure your skin is clean before starting up your red light device. For example, you may not want to slather your cellulite in an anti-aging cream right before your session, as it could have unexpected results or interfere with the penetration of the light.

Explore Red Light Therapy Devices from Lifepro

Here at Lifepro, we equip everyday people with the tools they need for body and skin rejuvenation. By incorporating an inflammation-reducing Lifepro red light therapy device into your routine, you can take control of your cellulite. 

Support your body’s natural healing abilities with a Lifepro red light therapy device today to give yourself the skin that you feel comfortable and confident in.


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