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Vibration therapy offers endless benefits, ranging from weight loss to pain relief and injury recovery. Our vibration plates offer a full at-home workout, for your entire wellness routine.

You've Got This

Whether you are new to vibration therapy or already know about it, we've got you covered.


From the iconic Waver to the all-in-one Rumblex 4D, we've got the perfect tool for you.


Vibration Therapy offers a multitude of benefits and has proven to be an effective addition to any routine.

Complete workout

Accelerated recovery

Pain relief


Your Reviews Say It All

"I am beyond thrilled with the Waver I purchase two weeks ago... I look forward to coming home and working out on my Waver which trust me is a first for me. I told a friend about it and she ordered hers yesterday." - Laura

"I was very skeptical of this vibration plate and its claim to see or feel results. However, I stand impressed. My joints are a lot looser than they used to be. I've been using for about a week and that amazed me. It felt good to move free!" - Shaquanna

Vibration Therapy

See how it works

Vibration Therapy

See how it works

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