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3 Reasons Men Should Use Vibration Plates

 There are PLENTY of reasons for men to use vibration plates! Whatever your goals, vibration exercise and therapy can help you achieve results in less time. Many of our male members initially seek these plates out for recovery or aches and pains but soon realize there is so much more they can potentially offer.

From boosting energy, stamina & mental clarity to improvements in strength, bone health, even weight loss and toning, men everywhere are giving vibration machines a try. They are awesome just for warming up and recovering but can also help improve your game, whatever you may play. Use them for performance training and enhancement just by incorporating some vibe time into your routine.

Regardless of what positions you’re doing on a vibration plate, there are certain benefits that are like a “side effect” or what we will call “side benefits” you can achieve with even passive use. If you want more gains, try positions that target the things you are trying to improve. The machine is simply an environment that can enhance the effects of whatever positions you would normally perform on the floor.

There are many reasons men should consider using these devices, today’s article highlights 3 reasons why we here at Lifepro feel MEN should use vibration plates.

1st Reason Better Mobility – An improvement in balance is common for anyone getting started often seen within a single session. Short term you will also feel more stable and have more flexibility making this an ideal for those struggling with mobility right up to the training athlete. To further improve or challenge your balance, stability & flexibility try positions that will target these gains. For example, try a torso twist or reach over to touch your toes as a variation to standing on the plate. Experiment with positions you may be doing now for some variety.

2nd Reason Reduces Time Spent Exercising – exercises performed on a vibration plate are low impact, warm up muscles fast and if challenging yourself are great for pushing to fatigue FAST. They are known for building lean muscle mass, they will NOT make you get big muscles like some may think. If looking to bulk up that is a different training regime and those who build know, you must add mass to gain mass. Adding a little weight to your poses on your vibration plate is a great way to burn some extra calories and get to fatigue faster too. A great example for an exercise here is a Squat which you can vary to suit your goals. IE basic squat or a “loaded” squat with some weights added to your pose. Many of our members LOVE adding their Powerflow Pro Dumbells to their standing poses on their vibration plates. They are easily adjustable and a versatile add on to help you progress and add challenge within your routine.

3rd Reason Warm Up & Recovery - Get your blood pumping to warm up muscles pre sport, or to help with recovery after activities. Using a vibration plate is an ideal way just to manage day to day aches and pains, a great activity for those more sedentary, it can even help manage chronic conditions. Massage on a machine is an example of passive use that’s great for warm up and recovery. It's common that men suffer with low back pain and a simple seated massage for a few minutes alone will relieve pain and tension at the same time you are getting all the feel good and other recovery benefits we’ve already highlighted. If working on flexibility, feel free to reach for those toes for added gains!

Posture is a key when using a plate

Regardless of your goals when using a vibration plate, practicing good posture improves your posture and results overall. Getting into good habits early will lay a solid foundation for you to progress effectively.

See our recent Lifepro LIVE Top 3 Reasons Men Should use a Vibration Plate for a demonstration of the poses we’ve suggested in this article and more tips for men using vibration plates.


Joel Gottehrer

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