How to Use Vibration Therapy for Back Pain?

How to Use Vibration Therapy for Back Pain?

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If you are not familiar with vibration therapy, if the thought of using vibration to manage back pain scares you, you need to keep reading. If you or someone in your circle has ever suffered with back pain you know it can be debilitating and leave you unable to go about your day to day or even out of bed! Thanks to the vibration therapy for back pain combined with exercise performed on whole-body vibration you can tackle those unpleasant conditions.

If you’ve ever used a foot massager, in particular an electric foot massager, you’ve felt the relief the soothing stimulation can provide to tired achy feet and legs. Imagine feeling that same relief in your low back, hips up the spine, even the neck and shoulders in just minutes doing a single position!

Is a Vibration Plate Before Or After Exercise best?

It’s hard to offer a simple answer to this not so simple question so here goes - you can use a vibration plate before, after or both if you like and if it makes sense for your goals. Where it gets a bit more complicated is the fact that “exercise” is a pretty general term and can have a different meaning to everyone. We’

You may be exercising for fitness and health reasons now or perhaps as part of rehab or a protocol you are doing with a trainer or therapist. As far as adding a machine into the mix it can serve as a fast and effective warm up as well as help speed up recovery.

Many of our Lifepro Fitness members are combining their vibration plate with other activities, other therapies, even other gear. Incorporating vibration therapy in compliment with your current exercise routine can help boost your workout and results overall.

Is Whole-body Vibration Good for Your Back?

Whole body vibration in the form of using a vibration plate can be GREAT for your back and much much more. Before elaborating on the why, how and other questions you may have, first an important warning.

Lifepro recommends you use caution when searching “whole body vibration” online. Due simply to similar terminology, there is often a misunderstanding between the health and exercise benefits of using vibration platforms/plates and potential harm from what is called “whole body vibration” exposure in an occupational or workplace setting. The two are completely different.

Some companies selling other gear or therapies have taken advantage of a consumer’s lack of knowledge and advise of “potential harms” related to whole body vibration - THIS IS FALSE -they are either using fear as a tactic to sway you toward what they are trying to sell you, or they do not understand vibration therapy or vibration exercise.

Vibration plates have been in use at clinics and gyms and at home by people like you for 40+ years and no ill effects have been reported. No more than overdoing it a little at the gym or other activities may affect you now. We recommend starting ANY new activity at an appropriate pace.

Learn more about workplace vibration exposure vs vibration plates in our other blog article Does Vibration Therapy or Exercise Really “Work”

Can You Use Vibration Therapy for Back Pain?

Many of our Lifepro members do find relief using their vibration plate to relieve back pain and a variety of other aches and pain both short term and chronic. For many it is an essential part of their ongoing self as you can use it for a short session whenever pain surfaces. Vibration is a great tool both at home and the office to keep you moving and feeling your best throughout the day.

Proper guidance from a quality coach or trainer is key to ensure you are doing positions, setting and durations that offer the most effect. Lifepro offers a wide variety of user tutorials, tips and workouts to help you use a vibration plate effectively whatever your needs.

If you are dealing with a current back or other concern, reach out to your care provider to see if this is an option to consider for your care. If they are unfamiliar with vibration therapy, don’t hesitate to reach out to Lifepro directly for more info.

Does Whole-body Vibration Help With Back Pain?

Being that the title of our article is “How to Use Vibration Therapy for Back Pain”, it’s likely you are still reading because you believe, even if just a little, that yes vibration therapy may be a solution to explore for your back pain or whatever pain you may be dealing with.

We know activity can improve our current level of health, it gives us energy and improves how we feel both physically and mentally. A vibration place is just a tool that makes exercise positions easier, more effective, in less time. It makes exercise MORE POSSIBLE for many that cannot tolerate more traditional styles of exercise. Lifepro has a variety of vibration plates for both therapeutic or exercise use and you don’t need to be an exercise guru to get started.

How Long Should You Do Vibration Therapy?

If you are specifically using a vibration plate for your back pain, you’re looking for relief and you just want to stop hurting! Pain can subside quickly and you may only need a minute or two in a single position, it’s not going to be a big long training session.

Managing back pain is a commonly known benefit of vibration plates and one of the top reasons Lifepro Fitness members have a machine at home. Not to mention no hassle or time spent trying to go somewhere for treatment, you have access whenever an issue may arise.

If you are doing a more encompassing therapy session, working with more of a program, you would expect to be doing a number of different positions, some stretches and massage poses too. How long you are using a machine is driven by how many positions your program outlines and you personally. Using a machine for feel good vs fitness differs in both time and intensity.

How Do Vibration Plates Help Back Pain? 

There are a number of ways vibration plates help you with the pain you may be experiencing. First it’s so important to know what you are dealing with, what’s causing this pain? The machine and the right set of positions can relieve the pain by easing muscle tension, reducing swelling, calming the nerves, boosting circulation and your energy levels!

Lifepro recommends using your vibration plate in short sessions if wanting to reduce pain and use it often, as needed when symptoms arise throughout the day. Don’t wait and let tension build up! Use your machine consistently to relieve symptoms fast and keep them away! Check out our range of vibration therapy tools online or in action on Facebook or Youtube!


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