Is Vibration Good for the Lymphatic System?

Is Vibration Good for the Lymphatic System?

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Whole-body vibration can offer some fitness and health benefits, but is it good for the lymphatic system? Find out more in this article.

Exercise guide for vibration plate

People have been realizing the gains vibration plates have to offer for decades taking advantage of this tech for both exercise and therapeutic purposes. A vibration plate is an environment, one that has the potential to increase benefits of traditional exercise positions while reducing the amount of time and effort for the user. As you stand, squat or massage body parts on the plate, micromovements generated by the plate stimulate a variety of positive effects. The low impact nature of these devices appeal to those that may struggle with traditional activities. Lifepro has a variety of vibration plates available, and our members take advantage of our many tutorial videos for guidance on how to use a machine to accomplish their health and fitness goals.

One of the more commonly discussed benefits is how effective vibration therapy for the lymphatic system can be. Whether you are dealing with a medical concern or just looking to maintain your current health, using a vibration plate even passively for a few minutes a day will easily stimulate your lymphatic system and easily get lymph fluid moving. If you have other goals and are performing more of a fitness routine, you gain lymphatic movement whenever you are using the machine - if you are moving so is lymph fluid so you don’t need to do separate positions. Using a vibration plate regularly is key to results.

The Role of the Lymphatic System

Our lymphatic system involves of a complex network of vessels, tissues, and organs, nodes, and ducts - it is a subsystem of our circulatory system. It is responsible for 3 key functions, fluid balance, absorption and in defending our body through our immune system.

Fluid Balance

This system is essential for fluid balance within the body, lymphatic movement removes fluids out of blood vessels and maintains the fluid levels in our body tissues by collecting excess fluid and particulate matter. Approximately 10% of this fluid does not return to the bloodstream, it becomes part of the interstitial fluid that surrounds the tissue cells.


Our lymphatic system facilitates the absorption of fats and fat-soluble nutrients in our stomach, carrying and distributing these substances to the blood stream. Staying Hydrated is important to help keep this function optimal.

Immune Health

As part of our immune system, it removes cellular waste and helps us detoxify. Our Lymphatic system creates and releases lymphocytes (white blood cells) and other immune cells that monitor and then wipes out the foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi that get into our body. It defends our body against foreign invaders. It is responsible for our body’s general and optimal functioning immune responses.

What Does Lymphatic Vibration Therapy Do?

Unlike our blood that is pumped by our heart through a system of blood vessels, called the circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no pump and is best stimulated by moving your body, by being active. For some users, traditional exercises may present a challenge where dealing with injury or other medical issues. Vibration therapy is being embraced by home and professional users as it offers not only low impact movement, but reduced durations makes it an ideal tool to stimulate both lymphatic movement and detoxification.

Therapists and care providers can use a vibration plate before and after other treatments to boost lymph and expedite recovery to achieve more optimal outcomes for their patients – easy for staff to mage stress and tension too!

What Are the Benefits?

There is a healthy list of reasons to consider adding vibration therapy or exercise to your routine. We know the benefits of being active and a vibration plate is simply a fast and effective alternative for those unable to perform more traditional activities. Specific to our topic of the lymphatic system, using a vibration plate can help you fight off infection, reduce water retention, boost weight loss, improve cellulite, skin swelling, scar tissue, acne, and stretch marks!

How effective is a vibrating plate?

Many of our users are using their vibration plate multiple times daily because it makes them feel great! It can improve not only lymph movement but also boosts energy levels, balance and mobility almost immediately. It is an effective way to improve your fitness levels and is also great for relaxation and managing day to day stress and tension.

When Should You Do It?

Using a vibration plate isn’t always a big, long elaborate routine and when best to incorporate into your day will vary based on your lifestyle. You may find yourself using it a few times throughout the day for lymph movement or things like managing pain. What your schedule allows often determines when you are able to access your machine.

If using for therapeutic purposes or to just feel great, we recommend a short session of 2-3 minutes whenever symptoms present - when you need relief from an increase in swelling, tension or pain. Many Lifepro users start their day off with a brief session to loosen up and get things moving, during the day reduce back pain, or before bed to aid in a more relaxed, restful sleep. Remember you are moving lymph any tie you are on the plate.

Vibration therapy has been proven to improve strength and balance in older adults while longer term helps reduce bone loss. Ideal as a training modality to reduce falls and breaks as an at home therapy.

Experiment with your plate to see where it fits best into your routine, there is no perfect time of day for everyone.

Final Thought

Reflecting back on our original question – is Vibration Good for the Lymphatic System? Simple answer is yes, for so many reasons and it's easy for practically anyone to get started. You may have a routine or specific exercises/stretches that you are working with now, these for the most part can be done on the plate – making the position more effective, in less time and with less effort. We encourage you to give vibration therapy/exercise a try… you have nothing to lose yet so much to potentially gain.


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