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woman using RelaxaTilt X Foot Massager and Man using Vitalize Foot Massager Machine

How To Use Different Types of Foot Massagers

According to the Mayo Clinic, the average American walks between three to four thousand steps per day. This includ... more

Man and woman with Lifepro vibration plate, massage gun and compression sleeve

Hacks For a Pain Free Summer

This time of year with the changing season, many of us are changing our physical activities too. Maybe you ar... more

5 people, 2 men and 3 women, all exercising

Meet the New Lifepro - How Did We Get Here

You might be wondering why we've decided to change our look - read on to see the whole story.  more

Thrive: Compression Therapy Made Easy!

Thrive: Compression Therapy Made Easy!

One revolutionary new way to improve athletic performance and recovery time is through compression therapy. This type... more