10 Killer Vibration Plate Exercises

10 Killer Vibration Plate Exercises for Arms & Upper Body

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If you’ve ever stood on a vibration plate, you know how well they work for your lower body. Believe it or not, they’ll put your arms to work just as hard. How many calories do you burn on a vibration plate? This depends on what workouts you do.

Studies show that vibration plates offer a slew of enhanced health benefits. When used while exercising, vibration plate benefits include1:

  • Aiding weight loss
  • Speeding up muscle recovery
  • Improved balance
  • Increased bone density

Make the most of your upper body workouts with these simple and effective vibration plate exercises for arms. 

#1 Tricep Dips on Vibration Plate

For such a small movement, it’ll put your triceps into overdrive. 

Start by sitting with your back to the vibration plate, placing your palms on the plate with your fingers facing forward. Lean back, letting your arms carry most of your weight, and bend your knees at a 90° angle—this is your starting position. From here, bend your arms and lower your body, then push back up. Try 10 reps for 3 sets. 

#2 Seated Bent-Over Dumbbell Raises

For this vibration plate exercise, you’ll be seated directly on your platform with your feet together. Lean forward with your dumbbells on either side of your knees. Lift your arms out to the side until they come parallel to the floor, remembering to keep a slight bend in the elbows. Then lower and repeat. 

As you grow more comfortable with this vibration training exercise, you’ll want to increase the weight. With Lifepro’s adjustable dumbbells, you’ll always have a variety of weights to choose from without taking up too much space in your workout area. Learn more about adjustable dumbbells vs fixed dumbbells in our blog.

#3 Push-Ups on the Vibration Plate

Ever thought that push-ups should be just a little harder? With a vibration plate, you can take this simple exercise to a whole new level. 

Place your hands directly on the vibration plate in standard push-up position and proceed as you normally would. The rapid vibrations will force your arm muscles to rapidly contract and relax, which tests your balance and adds an extra layer of intensity.

#4 Lateral Raises with Dumbbells

Here’s another simple exercise that you can supercharge with a vibration platform. 

Stand on your plate with your dumbbells resting at your sides. Keep a slight bend in the knees and elbows as you raise your arms out to either side, creating a “T” with your body. Don’t rely on the momentum created by swinging your arms; instead, use only pure arm strength to complete your reps. 

#5 Side Planks for Obliques and Shoulders

Side planks are notorious oblique and shoulder killers. Kick your muscles into high gear by performing them on a vibration plate, placing one arm on the vibration plate at a time. From there, you’ll open your body to face the side with your hips, knees, and shoulders stacked one on top of the other.

For a modification that provides a little extra support, drop the knee closest to the floor. And always remember to do both sides evenly. 

#6 Shoulder Blade Retractions

This tiny movement packs a huge punch for your shoulder and back muscles. 

Stand on your vibration plate and raise your bent arms to create a goal post shape, then squeeze your shoulder blades together repeatedly. Pull a resistance band between your arms to make this exercise a little more challenging. 

#7 One-Arm Rows with Elastic Bands

Vibration plates often come with handy accessories, like attachable elastic bands, perfect for upper-body workouts. 

Stand on the vibration machine with a band in one hand. Bending forward slightly, activate the back muscles to pull the band back, bending your elbow and keeping it tucked in close to the side of your body. Repeat your desired reps with one arm before switching to the other. 

#8 Overhead Press with Dumbbells

Simply stand on your vibration plate with a dumbbell in one hand. Start with the weights at your shoulders before pressing them straight up, then lowering them to the starting position. You can also do one arm at a time to help you focus on your form, or alternate arms to give your muscles small breaks throughout your set.

As you increase your baseline muscle strength, add weight to your adjustable dumbbells to continue challenging yourself. Are adjustable dumbbells worth it? We sure think so.

Learn more about the benefits of adjustable dumbbells in our blog.

#9 Tricep Kickbacks with Dumbbells

If the tricep dips didn’t knock you out, these triceps kickbacks just might.

Stand on your vibration plate with your dumbbells at your sides. Bend forward slightly and raise the dumbbells backward to be parallel to the floor (or as close as possible). Kick them straight back, keeping a slight bend in the elbows, and bring them back to your starting position. Once again, avoid swinging your arms and coasting off the momentum you’ve built; isolate your tricep muscles for best results.

#10 Regular Whole Body Vibration Planks

To finish off the perfect upper body vibration plate workout, hold a plank for as long as you can. The whole-body vibration training will not only push your arm and core muscles to the extreme, but they’ll challenge your balance, too. 

If planks are new to your workout routine, start with 10 or 20 seconds, but if you’re a planking pro, start the clock and see how long you can last. Strength and weight loss are only the beginning of whole body vibration benefits.

10 Killer Vibration Plate Exercises

Elevate Your Upper Body Workout with Lifepro

Now that you know plenty of vibration plate exercises for arms, you’re ready for a killer workout routine. Start with a few of your favorites, or complete all 10 to really feel the burn. Always be sure that you’re aware of the risks of vibration therapy and who cannot use vibration plates in the first place.

Ready to get started? Choose your vibration plate from Lifepro today. We have a variety of models for all fitness levels. 

For a reliable, beginner-friendly model, try the Waver Vibration Plate. For an all-in-one workout system, go for the Rumblex Pro Vibration Plate, complete with several sets of workout bands and attachable straps. 

Learn more about the health benefits of adding a vibration plate to your workout routine, and try one today. 


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