Abs Workout Using Lifepro Hovert Vibration Platform

Abs Workout Using Lifepro Hovert Vibration Platform

We’ve got another quick workout with Amber Kivett using Lifepro’s Hovert vibration platform! This 10 minute ultimate ab session is suitable for almost anyone, and all you need is the Hovert 3D Vibration Plate|Lifepro, two gliding disks (or paper plates!) and optional mini bands. Click the link Abs Workout using Lifepro Hovert Vibration Platform to watch!

Hovert 3D Vibration Plate

Tips & Tricks

  • The top of the platform can be sensitive to our hands, so Amber uses a folded pillowcase to help.
  • Focus on the abs but also incorporate the glutes, mid-back, and chest.
  • Amber is using the P6 setting which is a constant vibration with a tilt.

The Moves

  1. Disk/Heel Slide
  2. Mountain climber variations
  3. Plank Variations
  4. Heel/Toe tap variations
  5. In and Outs

The Workout

  • Start by sitting on the platform and putting plates/disks under heels.
  • Hold onto one knee while sliding the other heel in and out. Repeat opposite leg.
  • Next: Hold hands out in front of you and slide each heel back and forth.
  • Get into a plank position and start doing slow mountain climbers.
  • While still in the plank position, turn your hands sideways and elevate knees to step left leg out, step right leg out, bring left leg in, bring right leg in.
  • Next: While in a plank position, lift your knees off the ground and hold for 5 seconds. Bring chest high to stretch it out. Repeat 2x.
  • Next move: Toe taps side to side. Once you’re done, step back over the unit and have a seat on the platform again.
  • Lean back while engaging core and put a band around your toes and start doing side-to-side heel taps.
  • Now, turn sideways, lay back on the machine with your legs up. Open and close with a band with knees bent or with straight legs.
  • Rock it up and start in-and-outs.
  • Heels switch (heel touch to floor then up, alternating each foot).

And that’s it! Remember to always work within your ability and progress at your own pace. You’ve got this!


Joel Gottehrer

Joel Gottehrer is the Co-Founder of Lifepro Fitness and has dedicated his life to helping people transform theirs. With over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and owner of two personal training studios, Joel has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping transform lives. After suffering from physical injuries, Joel and his business partner, Abraham Brach, came together with a common goal to alleviate the pain caused by their injuries.

They continued to find themselves disappointed with the results stemming from various products promising to relieve their pain, and with that – Lifepro Fitness was born. Joel's mission is to have a positive impact on millions of lives with the Lifepro brand. Whether it's finding new and innovative ways to help people recover from injuries or developing products to improve overall wellness, Joel is always looking for ways to push the boundaries. Thanks to his commitment to help people live their lives free of pain, Lifepro has been able to do this for thousands of people since its founding in 2017.

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