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Light Therapy for Depression

Depression is a mental health condition that can go on for days or even years. It can be caused due to a variety of reasons; it can be genetic or even due to traumatic life events and stressors.

Everyone can be prone to depression and in recent years a variety of ways have emerged to help both address and treat the condition. At the same time, depression is different for everyone, for some the ideal treatment is therapy while for others it is not so much. There is no one absolute cure that can make depression go forever.


However, there are ways that can help treat and manage depression such as Red light therapy. The Benefits of using Red light therapy are scientifically proven and well-established, red light therapy can help relieve pain seamlessly, improve blood flow, and alleviate chronic pain. There are more and more cases and research proving a variety of health benefits of using red light therapy. On the other hand, not too many people are familiar with using red light therapy to treat depression as it is a relatively new concept.


So, today we are going to discuss what red light therapy really is, how it can be used to treat depression, and what are the pros and cons that come along with it.


What is Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a relatively new therapeutic technique which uses low wavelengths of redlight through a device which emits low wavelengths of light directly into the skin. It helps rejuvenate skin cells as well as repair muscle tissue.


Red light therapy is safe to use with no long-term side effects. However, it is important to use eye protection while exposed to the red light to avoid eye strain or any damage to the retinas. Also, it is important to consider the Red light lamp you use for the best results.


For example, InfraGlow Red Light Therapy lamp is a great product which features 9 infrared Leds and 9 red-light Leds.

The high quality 660NM and 850NM LEDs help you feel the effects of redlight therapy in only 5 to 30 minutes.

Also, it is important to buy a red light lamp with a stand like the InfraGlow lamp because it becomes less effective with handheld devices since the targeted areas won’t be as accurately exposed to the light waves.

How Does Light Therapy Treat Depression?

Now that we have established some of the benefits of red light therapy. Let’s take a look at how red light can help treat depression. Red light therapy helps improve your mood and sleep quality, which in turn improves your circadian rhythm. As your circadian rhythm improves, it helps regulate your brain chemistry and makes you less vulnerable to mental health disorders and mood swings. Additionally, extensive research shows there is a strong correlation between increased inflammation and depression.


Inflammation is caused by a response in the immune system. In line with this fact, red light therapy both reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system which effectively reduces symptoms of depression.

Finally, red light therapy improves different metabolic and chemical activity around the body, brain, and nervous system such as serotonin production (Serotonin is a natural mood stabilizer that can reduce levels of anxiety and depression). As chemical activity in your body is regulated with the help of red light therapy, you become less likely to experience common symptoms of depression.


Pros of Light Therapy

When near infrared and low red light wavelengths are paired together, they can have a much greater effect on pain relief and boosting your immunity. As we have already established, red light therapy can help treat symptoms of depression by promoting metabolic activity, serotonin production, and improving sleep quality. Especially for individuals who didn’t find any improvement with other methods of treatment such as conversational therapy.


In addition to those benefits, red light therapy can also rejuvenate the skin, improve blood flow, relieve joint and muscle pain, and even alleviate symptoms of arthritis. The biggest appeal of red light therapy however is its convenience, all you need is a high-quality red light therapy lamp, and you can reap the benefits of light therapy anytime, anywhere you go. To top it all off, red light therapy sessions are completely painless, meaning you enjoy the treatment without disrupting your daily activities.


Cons of Light Therapy

After discussing the many benefits of red light therapy, it’s only fair that we go over some of its drawbacks as well. Red light therapy is perfectly safe, but you should always consider wearing eye protection as directly looking at the red light can cause eye strain and headaches. Additionally, you need to always consult a doctor before using light therapy especially if you have photosensitivity or any other skin conditions.


The other drawback of red light therapy is the fact that results of the treatment may vary from one individual to another. Also, depending on what you plan on using light therapy for, it may take several sessions before you see any significant progress.


Keep in mind, red light therapy is a continuous treatment method. So, in order to maintain the effects you experience as a result of treatment, you need to continue using light therapy regularly.


To summarize, red light therapy can be used in a variety of ways to meet different needs starting with skin rejuvenation to improving blood flow and alleviating chronic pain. Also, it works on different fronts such as improving sleep quality and promoting serotonin production to help treat symptoms of depression as well as relieve anxiety and improve your mood in general.


According to the World Health Organization an estimated 5% of adults suffer from depression. With that in mind, many methods of treatment can have some really undesirable side effects. Hence, red light therapy offers a safe and affordable treatment method with minimal to no side effects. Have you tried red light therapy yet? If not, what's holding you back?


Tell us about your experience in the comments down below and don’t forget to share this post with family and friends who can benefit from the positive effects of red light therapy.


Joel Gottehrer

Joel Gottehrer is the Co-Founder of Lifepro Fitness and has dedicated his life to helping people transform theirs. With over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and owner of two personal training studios, Joel has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping transform lives. After suffering from physical injuries, Joel and his business partner, Abraham Brach, came together with a common goal to alleviate the pain caused by their injuries.

They continued to find themselves disappointed with the results stemming from various products promising to relieve their pain, and with that – Lifepro Fitness was born. Joel's mission is to have a positive impact on millions of lives with the Lifepro brand. Whether it's finding new and innovative ways to help people recover from injuries or developing products to improve overall wellness, Joel is always looking for ways to push the boundaries. Thanks to his commitment to help people live their lives free of pain, Lifepro has been able to do this for thousands of people since its founding in 2017

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