Move Your Body to Move Out Toxins

Move Your Body to Move Out Toxins

Our bodies accumulate toxins from a variety of sources. Our food choices, air and water quality, beauty products, so many things we don’t even think about expose us to chemicals and other poisons that over time can contribute to more serious health conditions. We often look to cleanses, fad diets or other ways to help our body expel these toxins when what we need to also be doing is get moving to help move those poisons out of our system. 

Everyone knows it is good for both our physical and mental health to be regularly active. Did you know it's also an important part of how our body naturally detoxifies?

That’s right, detoxification isn’t just about eating green smoothies for a week, it’s about understanding how our body detoxifies itself and knowing that effects are ramped up when we are active.

When we are active, we boost our circulation, we breathe more rapidly, sweat production increases, overall things get moving, flowing and of course there are lots of benefits. The more blood we can move through our body the more oxygen and nutrients we deliver to cells; it also improves the lymph nodes - the filters that capture toxins and repel germs keeping them out of our lymph fluid. When we move lymph fluid moves. Unlike blood which has our heart as its pump, our lymph only gets moving when we do, and it is a critical component in how our body transports waste out of the body.

Fluid intake typically increases when we are active - great for that sweat production but also helps our kidneys flush out these toxins and other waste material.

For those dealing with chronic conditions, getting active can be a challenge, even painful endeavors and traditional activities are not always possible. Many of our Lifepro Members take advantage of low impact alternatives like vibration plates, stationary biking or different types of strength training often to complement an evening walk or time in the garden. Low impact options can be just as effective and if mobility is a concern there are a variety of ways you can get things started even sitting in a chair.

If you are not overly active now, get started, get moving – however you can. Even a minimal amount of activity on a regular basis will begin adding up! Being less toxic will soon have you moving and feeling better, with more energy and stamina!

Lifepro offers a wide variety of wellness and fitness that won’t break the bank and are backed by our amazing lifetime warranty. Check out what our Members have to say, we’ve had over 10,000 reviews giving us some amazing feedback.


Joel Gottehrer

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