Vibration Plate Benefits for Elderly People

6 Vibration Plate Benefits for Elderly People

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As we age, working out starts to look different. We may not be as strong or nimble as we once were, and exercises that once felt challenging but pleasant may now feel more grueling. Even still, regular movement and exercise are vital to keeping our bodies functional as we age. In fact, continuing to exercise into our later years yields both physical health benefits and supports emotional well-being.1

Fortunately, just because you aren’t as spry as you once were doesn’t mean you must give up on exercise. You simply have to make adjustments.

One fitness and wellness tool that’s inclusive and accessible to all is a vibration plate (also known as a power plate or a full-body vibration machine). These plates produce high-frequency vibrations that stimulate the muscles to contract and stabilize the body, providing seniors with a great workout option that supports overall wellness.

To that end, let’s take a closer look at six vibration plate benefits for elderly people.

1. Stress-Free Muscle Strengthening

As we move into middle age and beyond, we start naturally losing muscle mass at about 5% per decade.2 This condition, sometimes diagnosed as sarcopenia, can result in muscle weakness, a loss of stamina, and poor balance.3

Strength training is one way to help counteract this symptom of aging.4 In fact, the CDC recommends that adults over 65 should do full-body strength exercises at least twice a week.5

A vibration plate offers seniors a low-impact option for strength training that:

  • Reduces joint stress – Strengthening with load, like free weights, can cause joint pain as you get older or struggle with arthritis. However, a vibrating platform activates your muscles without adding load. Incorporating a vibration plate into strengthening exercises like squats, for example, can encourage your muscles to work harder without stressing out your joints. Learn more about vibration therapy for arthritis in our blog.
  • Prevents muscle atrophy – Loss of muscle mass is normal as you age. However, lack of use or a sedentary lifestyle can lead muscles to atrophy.6 One vibration plate benefit for elderly people is the stimulation of your muscle fibers, encouraging muscle activation and growth.

2. Enhanced Protection Against Osteoporosis

Another symptom of aging is the weakening of the bones and a loss of bone density, sometimes diagnosed as osteoporosis.7 Just like muscle mass loss, bone density loss is expected and unpreventable. However, it comes with risks: the less dense your bones, the more susceptible you may be to fractures or breaks.

Though it’s still under research, some studies show that vibration therapy may help improve certain aspects of osteoporosis and provide relief:

  • Increased bone mineral density – Vibration therapy is shown to stimulate musculoskeletal tissues, which includes your bones and your joints. It’s thought that these vibrations may trigger cellular processes that could help increase bone mineral density or, at the very least, slow its loss.
  • Potential alternative to medication – Some evidence suggests that the vibrations produced may help ease pain and discomfort. Explore a more in-depth look at the benefits of vibration therapy for osteoporosis in our blog.

3. Improved Balance and Stability

Brittle bones and weaker muscles, combined with other symptoms like vision impairment, can cause a greater risk for falls in older people. Fortunately, low-intensity vibration therapy can lead to:

  • Lower risk of falls – Your core strength is essential to body stability; it helps support your entire body and hold you steady. Vibration plates help activate your core and challenge your balance, mainly with exercises like one-legged lunges.
  • Enhanced motor capacity – Vibration plates encourage your body to stabilize itself, which may also improve your perception of your body in space, known as proprioception.

4. Boosts Endurance and Optimizes Body Composition

As we get older, it’s important to look for ways to encourage physical activity and movement, maintain endurance, and keep our bodies healthy. A vibration plate workout could be a great way to:

  • Reduce sedentary lifestyle effects – Movement—both purposeful exercise and everyday moving around—is vital to keeping our bodies functional, especially into our later years. A vibration platform is the perfect tool for easily engaging your body, even if the movement is minuscule.
  • Improve mobility and fitness – Incorporating vibration plate exercise into your workout and recovery routine provides variety and novelty. Exercise should be fun, after all!

5. Alleviation of Chronic Lower Back Pain

Vibration plates aren’t just for exercise. They can also support recovery or reduce pain. In fact, research shows that whole-body vibration (WBV) can be beneficial for people who struggle with lower back pain by8:

  • Providing a safe exercise option – A low-intensity vibration plate could be helpful if you struggle with back pain during exercise, as it activates your muscles without increasing load.
  • Reducing pain – Some studies show that whole body vibration training can help release endorphins, a natural painkiller. Learn more about the benefits of whole body vibration in our blog.

6. Lessened Arterial Stiffness

Healthy circulation and a strong heart factor into your overall wellness as an older adult. As we age, these functions start to slow down. Vibration plates may offer:

  • Cardiovascular health benefits – Heart disease and other similar conditions cause about 45% of deaths globally. Some studies show that, because of how vibration plates stimulate circulation, WBV exercise may support heart health.9
  • A non-invasive treatment for arterial health – Vibration exercise naturally stimulates blood circulation, which can lead to higher oxygen levels in the blood.

How a Vibration Plate Could Support Your Overall Wellness

Given the evidence, vibration plate therapy could provide a unique, low-impact way to foster strength and stability training in your everyday routine. Additionally, it can encourage circulation, help reduce pain and stress, and promote muscle strength and function—all incredible benefits, especially for elderly individuals.

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