Gym Closed? Here's How to Train at Home with the Vibration Plates

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Whether you’re a veteran gym-goer or someone who has only just started working out, unexpected gym closures can be a drag.

Due to the coronavirus, most gyms have temporarily shut their doors, leaving exercise fanatics scrambling for ways to keep in shape while they’re stuck at home. Fortunately, there are lots of home workout routines available that can be done using only a few pieces of equipment, or even just your bodyweight.

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can train from the comfort of your home with the help of one of Lifepro's Vibration Plates.

How Do Vibration Plates Work?

Upon first being introduced to the idea of working out with a vibration plate or platform, you might have brushed it off as simply another fitness fad. And while they may remind you of those debunked Exercise Belt Machines from the ’50s, there’s more to vibration platforms than meets the eye.

The idea behind vibration platforms is that you sit, stand, or lie on the machine while it vibrates, which forces your muscles to contract and relax many times a second. You’ll notice when using a vibration platform that after holding a position for just a short time, you begin to feel your muscles getting tired. 

While you won’t get huge from just doing vibration plate training, studies have shown that it is more than sufficient to maintain muscle mass and improve muscle performance. Other research into vibration plate training suggests it can:

And it’s not just researchers and home gym enthusiasts that recognize the benefits of vibration plates; Many professional gyms and rehab centers have made vibration plates available to their patrons, and you’ll even find them incorporated into the training programs used at NASA and the NFL.

At Home Vibration Plate Workout Program

The easiest and most popular way of using a vibration plate is to just simply stand on it for several minutes. While this may be enough to keep your muscles from shrinking, it’s likely not enough of a workout if you’re used to spending any time in a gym.

Below, we are going to detail a simple workout program you can follow from the comfort of your home using a vibration platform and exercise bands. This at-home vibration plate workout program will be broken up into week 1 and week 2. Each week, you will do the prescribed exercises 3 days a week, with a rest day in between.   

Instead of doing traditional “reps” of an exercise, this training program is done using static or isometric movements, meaning you’ll hold a specific position for a given amount of time, like when doing a plank. For the purposes of this training program, you’ll be holding each of the below exercises for 20 seconds.

During Week 1, do each of the following exercises:

  • Push-ups
  • Single-sided rows
  • Split squat hold or lunge
  • Deadlift hold
  • Static bicep curl

During Week 2, do these exercises instead:

  • Banded overhead press
  • Single leg deadlift
  • Reverse fly
  • Sumo squat
  • Crunches

For instruction on how to do each exercise, click on the links above that correspond to each week.

Stick to this vibration plate workout program consistently every week and you’ll have no trouble staying in shape while the gym is closed. You may even find that once things go back to normal, you don’t even feel the need to return to the gym!

If you don't have a Vibration Plate yet, checkout our full lineup of Lifepro Vibration Plates here!

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I would like some help using my vibration plate. I have osteoporosis and need to get stronger.

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