Lymphatic Drainage: How Does Whole Body Vibration Help?

Lymphatic Drainage: How Does Whole Body Vibration Help?

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Lymphatic drainage is an important function carried out by our lymphatic system which is composed of tissues, organs and vessels that are working together to move lymph fluid back into your circulatory system. As blood flows throughout your body, blood plasma leaks into the areas between our cells the interstitium), the thin yellowish interstitial fluid is called lymph.

In our previous article “Is Vibration Good for the Lymphatic System?” We explained how vibration plates offer lymphatic movement during both vibration therapy and vibration exercise applications. Regardless of your current level of health these machines offer a way for almost anyone to get moving with little effort on your part.

Those with compromised lymphatic systems can use their vibration plate regularly to help manage symptoms throughout the day. We shared where you can find Lifepro’s tutorial videos and other resources for guidance. See exercise guide for vibration plate - the full explanation for more

What is a Lymph Drainage Massage?

A lymph drainage massage is very gentle compared to what you may think of going for a massage. It is solely to stimulate the lymph nodes and the body’s natural movement of lymph fluid. There are two approaches to lymphatic drainage massage, manual and simple.

Manual lymphatic drainage is considered to be a medical massage. It’s a very gentle manipulation of certain body areas to help your body move lymph along where flow is inadequate and symptoms like pain or swelling are occuring.

Simple lymphatic drainage is more about self care, similar techniques you perform yourself or assisted at home. Treating affected areas at home more regularly helps manage symptoms between more formal treatments or as part of a self care routine. Whole body vibration compliments your massage making it more effective while offering its own lymph and circulation boosting effects.

If our lymphatics have been damaged or compromised, lymphatic fluid often pools and cannot drain properly in areas of the body. Lymph Drainage Massage is a common treatment for those managing symptoms associated with lymphedema, immune system concerns, diabetes and many other conditions. Even stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on our lymph nodes and lymphatic system overall.

The lymph draining method should be carried out by a therapist however, you can help your lymphatic system using the vibration massage, at your home. Many of our Lifepro members are incorporating it into their self care for both health and esthetic benefits.

What happens after a lymphatic drainage massage?

There are a few things you can expect after stimulating your lymphatic system some almost immediately and some improvements are seen over time. How often you perform lymphatic drainage massage, the severity of your symptoms and other medical concerns can be contributing factors in overall results.

Reduced swelling and tightness are often seen quickly helping relieve associated aches, pains and other sensation issues. A feeling of relief and relaxation are common and some feel a tingling or slight itch as the fluid moves and flows.

Within a day or two after, you may notice continued reduction of swelling and pain and perhaps an increase in urination and bowel movements as our lymphatic system aids in our body's natural process of detoxification.

Some have areas of increased swelling which often helps identify sluggish or block areas. Not as common are headaches or slight nausea which may also be related to toxicity, medications, dehydration or other health factors. All of these tend to be short term and improve as your lymph gets moving more efficiently.

Can you do it at home?

Yes you can perform lymphatic drainage massage at home and many therapists recommend it. There are tutorials online or talk to your therapist for recommended ways to target your areas of concern.

Self care at home is where whole body vibration can not only help, but can often enhance other treatments or activities. If you have never tried one it;s hard to understand just how great they make you feel and how easy it is to get started.

Incorporating a vibration plate at home is fast, effective and can be a passive way to improve your lymphatic system. Many of Lifepro’s members use their vibration plate therapeutically just for this purpose and sweat by their daily routines.

How Does Whole Body Vibration Help?

When you stand or perform other positions on a vibration plate, your body is stimulated by mild micromovements providing a number of different benefits to our body. When we move, lymph fluid begins to move and vibration plates are simply an easy, low impact way to get moving!

It is well tolerated by even frail or weaker users and offers a great way to manage aches and pains throughout the day whenever you need relief. If you can be more consistent in your use, you can improve symptoms faster and to keep your progress going.

Many therapists have begun to embrace vibration plates as a pre or post treatment in combination with manual massage to further post lymph movement, helps dissipate stress and tension and offer more optimal outcomes for their patients. If range of motion allows you can place areas you want to target on the machine and massage directly!

If you are looking for a new, more effective way to improve your lymphatic drainage, consider one of Lifepro’s vibration plates for your self care and get both the feel good and fitness benefits you are looking for.



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