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Simple Rumblex Pro Exercises

Simple Rumblex Pro Exercises

Amber Klevett shows us some workout ideas with the Rumblex Pro Vibration Platform. In this short 10-minute video, Amb... more

man and woman using LifePro Vibration Platforms

Lifepro Vibration Platforms - Comparison

In Amber Kivett’s video, Lifepro Vibration Platforms - Comparison, she explains the differences between five out of t... more

woman sitting on a mountain looking ahead

Leaders of Women in Wellness and the Lifepro Community

There is a wonderful tribe of amazing women that comprise the Lifepro community. We love and believe in all of you!... more

Rumblex Plus Vibration Plate with a man standing on it

Post Workout using the Lifepro Rumblex Plus Vibration Platform

In Amber Kivett’s video, Post Working using the Lifepro RumblexPlus Vibration Platform, she shows us how to use Lifep... more

Hovert 3D

Kickboxing for Seniors using the Lifepro Hovert Vibration Platform

 In Amber Kivett’s YouTube video,  Kickboxing For Seniors using the Lifepro Hovert Vibration Platform, Amber demonstr... more